Our history began in July 1956 when Portuguese immigrant Julio Simões founded Transportadora Julio Simões Ltda. ( presently JSL ) by acquiring his first truck to transport produce from the city of Mogi district attorney Cruzes to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In the same class, he started to provide fare services to the pulp and paper industry. In 1970, the Company made its first gear skill, Transcofer, a company that was three times larger, and in 1972, JSL already had a fleet of 42 trucks. With hard work and commitment, the fiscal institutions ’ reliance and entrust professionals focused on delighting clients, the Company experienced a major growth bicycle throughout the 1970s .
In 1981, 14-year erstwhile Fernando Antônio Simões, Mr. Simões ’ youngest son, began to serve at JSL. He worked in several areas, and in 1986, became Chief Operating Officer. Two years later, he took over the Company ’ s commercial area. In the recently 1980s, the Group started its diversification summons by providing abstemious fomite rent and bus charter services for the exile of employees. With credibility, an excellent delivery track read and focus on the clients ’ needs, JSL was able to take advantage of the great industry outsourcing cycle .
In the early on 1990s, Fernando was managing the Company together with his don and continued the business diversification march in club to create more value for clients, build loyalty, differentiating the company from its competitors and reducing customer concentration and the Company ’ s dependence on specific activities and segments .
After the turn of the millennium, the Company expanded its services, adding forestry operations and cargo handle within its clients ’ industrial units. All these changes enabled JSL to become the market leader in its segment in 2001, a situation it has maintained ever since. In 2006, the Julio Simões Institute was established to undertake and improve all social initiatives that used to be developed by our founder and his wife for the benefit of the communities where we operate.

In 2010, in decree to strengthen the Company ’ s government, solidity and differentiation, we held the IPO in the Novo Mercado section, B3 ’ s highest corporate government level. This milestone was part of the Company ’ s strategic plan and was aimed at raising more funds to support its business emergence bicycle, help the Company continue as a going concern and increase the assurance of the clients that entrust the performance of strategic activities to the Company .
In July 2011, JSL acquired Rodoviário Schio, the largest temperature-controlled food transportation and storage company in Brazil, expanding its portfolio of logistics services .
In July 2020, SIMPAR replaced JSL as the holding ship’s company, consolidating the equity interests and the corporate team in order to direct, monitor and control the subsidiaries ’ commercial enterprise plans, develop new businesses and operate on segments and ensure the conjunction of the values, culture and management model.

In August 2020, JSL acquired 75 % of the shares issued by Fadel. It was established in 2001 and is among the 20 largest companies in the sectors of beverage, food, consumer goods and e-commerce in Brazil .
besides in August, JSL besides acquired 100 % of Transmoreno. The company was established in 1978 and engages in car carrier transportation system and automotive logistics services, with two major cable car dealerships in its client portfolio .
Both acquisitions are subject to the common approval processes for this type of transaction. As a resultant role, JSL is now more diversify and consolidated its position as the largest and most integrated logistics services platform in Brazil, with a comprehensive portfolio of relevant clients, recognized expertness in management, an excellent pitch chase record, synergies and cross-selling.

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