With the downturn of the american economy from 2007 through 2011, Larmee Equipment & Supply, Inc. principals, Ray Larmee and John Hall, realized that there would not be an abundance of thoroughly used equipment becoming available to the construction marketplace .
management at Larmee Equipment began to inquiry and expect for a new hydraulic rock drill line of equipment that would fit the needs of their customer ’ second wishes for a simple, dependable, and cost effective drill equipment that was easy to maintain and simple to repair, if downtime always occurred .
Larmee Equipment & Supply, Inc. visited with versatile manufacturers in several countries, and finally came across Junjin CSM in South Korea. It turned out they were using the components familiar to the rock drill industry global that had been the standard of the industry in America : Yamamomo drifters, Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressors, Cummins Diesel Engines, Kawasaki and Bosh Rex Roth hydraulic components, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as many early components well known in the construction diligence in the USA. All of these components were used in the past in a head prevailing trade name which was being phased out by a competitive manufacturer. Junjin CSM was at this clock time building 5 different models and selling them cosmopolitan .
Larmee Equipment & Supply, Inc. partnered with Junjin CSM to develop the JD-1400E model of the Rock Commander drill line for the north american market. The deciding factor for this model was its ability to handle holes sizes from 3 edge to 5 edge diameter in an range of unlike applications. Updates and improvements have been made along the manner with stimulation from customers and drillers in the field. The partnership between Larmee Equipment and Junjin CSM was formed as Junjin America LLC with the headquarters based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Our guide principles are parts handiness, price effectiveness and chasteness. many units are out working today in the quarries and on construction sites ; with many of the original users utilizing multiple Rock Commander drills to meet their needs.

due to the economy upturn in 2017, the house commercialize and relate infrastructure demands dramatically increased. many of these projects could utilize a mid-size rock exercise. To fill the rising demand for a mid–size drill Junjin America LLC commissioned two bore models to be manufactured. The JD-800ENC is a non-cab unit with drill controls on the fertilize for jobs that require the conclusion care of the operators. The JD-800E-II filled the necessitate for a mid-size cab model. Both models of the new drills utilize the well known and meter tested YH80A vagrant. These units are able to drill from 2 ½ inch hole up to a 4 column inch hole depending on the setup. To meet special needs, options include a 20 foot mast, rod record changer, body of water mist system and an available buttocks winch .
In December 2018 Soosan CSM, of Soul South Korea, purchased the assets of Junjin CSM. Out of respect to Soosan CSM, Junjin America LLC was renamed Soosan America LLC. The Rock Commander series of drills have remained unaltered. Sales, parts distribution, and marketing campaigns will continue from Soosan America LLC, located in Louisville, Kentucky. In the approximate future, there may be a moment note of drills available through Soosan along with the continue handiness of the Rock Commander line. Larmee Equipment & Supply Co., Inc. and Soosan CSM have each been in the rock candy drill business for over 30 years each and are looking to continue this partnership for years to come serving the drillers and blasters of North America .
Larmee Equipment & Supply, Louisville, KY has all models of the Rock Commander units for monthly rentals or rent-to-own options .

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