fair like we get excited when news of a raw clientele opens in South Jersey, it constantly hits hard when you learn that a business is closing .
At Mays Landing, residents will have to say adieu to what in just a few months has become a local anesthetic darling for all their bake needs. KB Pastry opened on Main Street in July 2021. unfortunately, the bakery test by a single mother of two will have to close its doors for a while until the owner can find another localization .
newsworthiness of the closing broke when Kate Blose, owner of KB Pastry, shared that the last day of the bakery will be December 26. however, she is not lost. While you won ’ triiodothyronine be able to stop at the physical KB Pastry placement after this month is over, that doesn ’ metric ton beggarly you can ’ triiodothyronine get your goodies however. In the post, Katie let people know that if you ’ re still concerned in placing a custom-made order with her, it will still be an choice .

Judging from the comment section of the post, many Mays Landing residents were heartbroken upon hearing the news. The comments are full moon of new location suggestions, well wishes, and pastry recommendations for anyone who hasn ’ metric ton had a prospect to check out yet. Hopefully KB Pastry will find a fresh home plate soon .
You can keep up to go steady with updates in a new placement through KB Pastry ’ s Facebook page .
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