Accountant: overseas through corporate income tax tax ​​remitted back peace.
[ Economic Daily News Wubi E / Taipei ]
Lessons from oversea this class, the lowest income tax burden, unfavorable extraneous capital back to Taiwan. Accountant believes that the majority of people to circumvent minimum tax, in time to send your money back before the end of the class ; however, if excessively late to repatriate funds, deoxyadenosine monophosphate retentive as the name of the extraneous pot through, back to Taiwan to buy stocks or mansion is not a trouble .
KEDP GROUP CPA Accountants Lvxu Ming pointed out that overseas income tax began to incorporate minimum tax this class, but that the funds remitted back to Taiwan, precisely do not use his own mention, like do not worry about the tax exit. If you want to invest in the stock market, the most common approach is to use the name of the extraneous pot, after opening an account through a broke to buy shares in Taiwan ; there are a lot of people to repatriate funds to buy the sign of the zodiac, you can besides set up branches in Taiwan by foreign companies, reinvestment real estate.

Lvxu Ming explained that foreign companies set up branches in Taiwan, provided they pay 20 % business income tax, if the future profits remitted abroad to buy the mansion, they do not have to be withheld 20 percentage .
He suggested that senior high school asset to exploit overseas funds back to Taiwan investment, most will choose to set up companies in Hong Kong or Singapore, because the company is located in BVI or Samoa, will make people think it is to see the paper company. To use the diagnose of the foreign corporation to repatriate funds can be immediately located in Hong Kong, to return to Taiwan investment, tax agencies is unmanageable to trace. As for the cost of maintaining, setting up a party in Hong Kong, cost about 100,000 yuan, the cost of maintaining about 100,000 yuan each year, many rich people feel very “ cost effective. ”
Lvxu Ming reminder, there is an premise in the past in abroad deposits $ 1,000,000, after the termination of the end of January this year, decided to surrender to repatriate Taiwan, since this year began taxable income abroad, so in January this year during the period of matter to is likely to be taxable ; If you buy the investment company, stocks or real estate of the realm abroad, until this year punishment will be to extraneous capital gains tax .
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