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(Lander, WY) – Freshly baked bread, decadent pastries, and creamy cappuccino photos have teased locals for months and nowadays the expect is about over. The European-style cafe and bar, Lincoln Street Bakery and Bar 223, will open its doors in the come weeks. Swing by the cafe counter in the dawn for flying, commodious avail to purchase loaves of bread, pastries, and chocolate. In the evenings from 5-11 prime minister, wind down in a quiet space with a glaze of wine, a broad selection of beer, or specialization cocktails .
h/t Lincoln Street Bakery – Salted caramel cronuts, blueberry cream danish, classic croissants Owner Kyle Vassilopoulos ’ s vision for the Lincoln Street Bakery is to become full-service which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. No matter the time of sidereal day, their foundation remains the like – providing great leavened boodle and pastry products.

We ’ re going to start simple, he explained. Starting with pastries, bread, and chocolate. We ’ rhenium going to have some breakfast and lunch. then once we get up and running we are hoping to continue to expand into a full-service cafe, bakery, and restaurant .h/t Lincoln Street Bakery – Bordelaise Batards Kyle, who besides owns the Rusty Truck, the Lander Bar and Gannett Grill, and the Cowfish, has wanted to open a bakery for over 15 years. He graduated top of his class in the classic culinary program from a New York culinary school earning a eruditeness that got him another culinary degree in the Art and Science of Artisanal International Bread Baking. “ I very enjoy restaurant solve and working as a chef and work in the food industry, but I liked working in the bakery the most, ” he said. “ then always since then, I ’ ve always wanted to be in the situation and have the ability to open a bakery. ”h/t Lincoln Street Bakery The Lincoln Street Bakery, located across the street from Lander ’ s City Hall between 2nd and 3rd, has formally been in the works for about 3 years and was delayed ascribable to the pandemic .
major renovations were afoot when everything was stopped and Kyle focused on his other businesses. He decided to pick the work back up survive fall – all through the winter and now form, he has worked all day, every day towards opening this newfangled establishment that is distinctly different than anything else in the sphere. The Lincoln Street Bakery will serve as full bakery production for Kyle ’ s other restaurants. Most restaurants source their bake products from outdoor of Fremont County and in some cases outside of Wyoming, he explained. now, they can do it all in Lander.

h/t Lincoln Street Bakery In addition, their bread products will be sold at the local anesthetic farmer ’ randomness markets, grocery store stores, and choose products will be offered wholesale to other local businesses. “ We are not entirely using rampantly sourdough agitation, but there is a heavy emphasis on that, ” Kyle shared. “ Almost everything that we do here is a 48-72 hour long process to get to the final product ; meaning if you come in to purchase a loaf of bread, it was started 2-3 days before to get this point. ”h/t Lincoln Street Bakery – Sourdough Miche You might besides recognize their Head Baker Justin Iskra, he has recently returned to Lander after a few years away during which he attended culinary school and worked in Massachusetts at a production bakery. Before turning to bake, he was a longtime bartender at the Lander Bar. question of Pastry Colton Elsea moved to Lander a few weeks ago having never been here ahead. Most recently, he was a pastry chef in Lousiville, Kentucky. He has worked in the food industry for the majority of his liveliness and is truly excited to be here .h/t Lincoln Street Bakery – Salted caramel cronuts “ Both Justin and Colton are effective at what they do, ” Kyle noted. “ They have the skills and they have the experience and cognition base which is why we ’ re here and excited to do cool things. This is besides a great platform to try to get some other great people in here and being able to share that cognition base with them and keep moving forward and doing some amazing things. ” Lincoln Street Bakery has added over 15 jobs to the residential district, and Kyle shared that they are still looking to add to their team. Click here to learn more.

h/t Lincoln Street Bakery They are all excited to open the doors and have folks come in to get coffee, get loaves of bread, a pastry ( or 10 ) and enjoy the space by reading a book, confluence friends, or working. then in the evening, unwind from the workday with a beverage and possibly some dessert. The exact unfold date for both the Lincoln Street Bakery and Bar 223 has not been released, however, it will be in the do weeks and will be announced on the Lincoln Street Bakery Facebook and Instagram pages .

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