Earlier this year, the City of Glen Cove honored its oldest businesses—those that have been in being for 75 years or more. Among these long-time city staples is Landing Bakery, which has been a front-runner of the Glen Cove community since the 1860s, and remains a popular class owned finish today. regularly producing timbre baked goods at low-cost prices, the business is one the few that remains on Landing Road. once known as White Eagle and informally known as the polish bakery, Landing Bakery has been owned by the Kern syndicate for closely 60 years .
“ There was a business on every corner on Landing Road at the time, ” said Kevin Kern, whose parents purchased the bakery in 1959, a modest shopfront on the first floor of a house, just two blocks from Morgan Park .
He said they learned that the bakery was for sale and came polish to take a front. His father ’ second initial depression was to walk away.

“ But my mother was a hard proletarian and she had a imagination. She said, ‘ no, we ’ ll make a adam of it, ’ ” said Kern .
And they did—between his beget ’ s cognition of the bakery business and his father ’ randomness baking skills, they were able to make the business successful .
“ Before that, it wasn ’ metric ton much, ” he said .
back then, he said there were a fortune of Polish and russian immigrants in the area who worked in the local factories and would stop in for lunch or fresh bread, which helped make the occupation thrive .
“ We hush make a batch of the previous world favorites—babkes and jelly doughnuts with lots of jelly, ” said Kern. “ Our hard rolls and rye boodle is the best on Long Island. ”
Kern has worked fully prison term at the bakery since 1976 and bought it from his church father about 25 years ago, at which time he got marry and started a family.

“ I figured if I was going to do this kind of work, this kind of manual of arms labor, I had to start a family, ” he said. “ It made smell, and now it ’ mho progressing again. ”
His children are 16 and 13 and while they like to help him in the bakery, he ’ s not sure they ’ ll want to continue the class business, or that he wants that for them .
A baker ’ second life is not easy : Kern regularly starts his sidereal day at 1 ante meridiem and works six days a workweek. The fact that he does most of the study himself helps keeps the british labour party costs gloomy and the prices moo .
still, he said business is good. He ’ sulfur picked up different recipes over the years and has adapted to the changing demands of clientele .
“ Bakeries have become more cafe, so we ’ ra leaning that way, ” he said .
In the near future, he plans to add more sandwiches and blistering foods like hot dogs and hamburgers to the menu, and will likely hire more aid, such as a light order cook.

He has a firm customer basis, but acknowledges he could do more in terms of commercialize .
“ We move very slow here. I don ’ thymine advertise—I just started putting labels on boxes—but as older people move out, we have to start changing, let people know it ’ s still here. ”
Landing Bakery is at 147 Landing Rd. and is open Tuesday through Sunday from 6:15 ante meridiem to 4 p.m .

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