As a developer and manufacturer of covenant laser marking systems, ACI Laser has about all significant laser technologies at its disposal .

An north dakota : YAG laser is a solid-state laser that uses a neodymium-doped YAG ( yttrium aluminum garnet ) crystal as its active medium and emits infra-red radiation with a wavelength of 1064 new mexico .

An neodymium : YVO₄ laser is a solid-state laser that uses a neodymium-doped neodymium : YVO₄ ( yttrium orthovandate ) crystal as its active metier and emits infra-red radiation with a wavelength of YVO4 1064 nanometer. Due to frequency conversion, it is possible for radiation to be emitted in the visible spectral range ( 532 nanometer ) .

An north dakota : YVO₄ laser is a solid-state laser that uses a neodymium-doped neodymium : YVO₄ ( yttrium orthovandate ) crystal as its active average and emits infra-red radiation with a wavelength of YVO4 1064 new mexico. Due to frequency conversion, it is possible for radiation to be emitted in the UV spectral image ( 355 nanometer ).

A character laser is a special type of solid-state laser. The drug core of an ocular fiber forms the active medium for a fiber laser. The robust construction, high beam choice and efficiency offered by character lasers makes them ideal for many applications .

Ultrashort pulsed lasers enable high-precision machine with minimal damage to the workpiece material. Ultrashort light pulses in the picosecond and femtosecond range provide exceptionally precise machine results in the micrometre crop .

A CO2 laser is a gas laser using carbon dioxide as the laser medium. Alongside solid-state lasers, it is one of the most herculean and normally used industrial lasers .

Laser trimmers from ACI Laser differ from lasers designed for marking materials because of the way that the beam is generated for trimming applications and because they have expanded electrical interfaces .

Laser trimmers are used for trimming resistors .

Trimming resistors is a method acting of matching electric circuits .

Laser stations from ACI are available as manual of arms workstations or amply automated complete solutions, and can be combined with all laser markers and laser trimmers .

As the interface between the drug user and the laser system, the laser software is a peculiarly important circumstance when making a buy decision .

Magic Mark by ACI is the user-friendly score software for controlling the stallion laser system and intuitive creation of marking content .

A survival of useful plugins can be integrated into the Magic Mark marking software if required to expand the available software functions .

Imaging systems and code readers play a significant role in ensuring process dependability in laser fabric machine .

The use of imaging systems for visualize appropriate and action in industrial applications is an important instrument for monitor and optimize processes .

Reading directly marked codes using an double recognition arrangement plays a meaning role in ensuring serve dependability .

Targeted development and execution of hardware and software products for custom application requirements is one of the services offered by ACI Laser .

Thanks to the flexibility of our high-quality german engineer, we are able to offer customisable hardware solutions alongside our standard systems .

advanced software solutions by ACI Laser that expand the field of laser material machine and resultant role in benefits to customers in terms of quality and price .

A comprehensive stove of accessories allows a wide kind of marking jobs to be accomplished and expands the range of applications of laser systems .

Marking lasers are used to permanently apply high-quality codes, text and graphics to about all materials used in the automotive diligence .

electronic components and assemblies are permanently marked with high-quality, faithfully machine-readable text using the laser in ordain to ensure proper recognition and traceability and uphold high quality standards.

permanent, abrasion-resistant and clear text, code, series number, logo and graphic markings on plastic components can be made quickly and effortlessly .

Laser markings are permanent wave and insubordinate to heat, abrasion and acids. High-quality, highly full-bodied markings ensuring reliable component identification, traceability and choice assurance can be created in moments .

clear and unique markings on checkup products are crucial to ensure traceability, identification and protection against counterfeit products. High-quality markings need to be permanently created as promptly and precisely as potential in a image of materials with minimal damage .

Laser stigmatize is superior to other mark processes, particularly in terms of quality and production efficiency. It enables the creation of extremely high-quality, durable markings within a very short space of time .

Highly detail, security-relevant markings can be made on a diverseness of materials such as glaze and lord metals using marking lasers .

legally regulated laser marking on military and sports weapons a well as cosmetic patterns can be made permanently and with counterfeiting protection on a assortment of materials using lasers from ACI .

The most significant factor in choosing the ideal laser is the material to be marked. The light wavelength and pulsation properties of the laser settle which materials it can mark with the needed choice and speed .

Non-magnetic metals such as aluminum, bull and brass can be engraved using lasers. Depending on the carbon content, a discolor reaction may occur in magnetic metals such as steel .

Plastics much contain extra additives such as stabilisers, plasticisers, dyes, etc. ABS and sealed thermoplastics can be marked very well with high contrast using a laser .

Depending on the material composition, it is possible to create dark or light ceramic surfaces using laser engrave .

Depending on the constitution and color, laser punctuate of individual rouge and varnish layers can produce highly high-quality, high-contrast markings .

The process of marking field glass surfaces causes the material to heat up importantly, causing material ablation. Depending on the type of glaze, it is possible to create extremely clean markings with astute contours .

If lineal punctuate of materials is unmanageable or impossible, laser-markable films and labels are available as an alternate .

When marking woodwind, the material come on is vaporised. Depending on requirements, it is possible to create trench and in some cases extremely high-contrast markings .

When marking leather, the material coat is vaporised. Depending on the semblance and structure, it is possible to create trench and in some cases highly high-contrast markings .
The ideal laser technology for the exploiter is chiefly determined on the footing of the quality requirements for the commemorate result, the check depth and the process time available .

Laser punctuate is well superior to early mark processes, particularly in terms of quality, efficiency and speed. It enables the creation of highly high-quality, robust markings within a very short space of time that can not be removed by heat, abrasion or acids .

The hearty penetration depth creates an highly robust marking that is highly tolerant to abrasion and can withstand mechanical strain for long periods. The engravings are resistant to heat and liquids such as water, oils and acids. The laser cross off remains visible even after subsequent coat processes .

Laser trimming refers to cutting resistors to match in SMD shapes in order to achieve values not provided for in standard serial parts ( passive shave ) or for matching switching functions ( active trimming ).

A choice of the diverse applications for laser substantial marking illustrates the versatile uses of lasers as

The ACI Laser product compass features five different wavelengths in total, covering all important areas of application in the fields of engraving, marking and trimming .
Laser systems for laser welding, laser cut, laser hardening and powder deposit welding by ALPHA LASER

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