Latitude Machinery Corp has confirmed that one of its customers in the UK has set a universe record for cases produced on a Latitude machine in a 24 hour period recently. Cases24, which is separate of the Logson Group, produced 197,000 boxes in one sidereal day on its PP1025 Quick Set flexo booklet gluer. The party recorded this performance on 5th June 2020 .
“ We have been very glad with the performance of each of the four Latitude lines we have running in the plant, ” explains Alex Morris, Managing Director of Cases24. “ We have worked close with David Williams of GTS ( Europe ) Ltd and Latitude Machinery Corp in choosing the best machines for our business. To achieve a world phonograph record on a machine that has entirely been installed for barely over a year is testament to not only the build quality and dependability of the Latitude equipment, but besides the ease of manipulation and the high running speeds they can achieve. ”

Morris continues, “ We wanted one supplier of our casemakers, as it would mean flexibility for our operators being able to move amongst machines at short comment. It besides makes life sentence easier in terms of maintenance and bare parts. ”

The Latitude PP1025 Quick Set flexo booklet gluer was installed at Cases 24 in the jump of 2019, and was a cardinal concenter of the company ’ s 10 year anniversary celebrations. The line includes a Dücker pre-feeder and Dücker Corrpal palletising line. “ The Dücker materials handling solutions coupled with the amazing output signal capabilities of the Latitude casemaker have made for a formidable combination, ” adds Morris. “ We have ‘ best in class ’ equipment at our disposal and the volumes we are able to produce on a daily and hebdomadally basis ensure our growing customer al-qaeda is never left want. ”

Cases24 is the first company in the UK corrugated diligence to be operating four Latitude casemakers. The machines were sold by Latitude ’ s UK and Ireland sales agent, GTS ( Europe ) Ltd. David Williams, Managing Director of GTS, says, “ We have been working closely with Cases24 right from the originate. From the pitch of the identical first base Latitude car binding in 2009, we have been by their english to help ensure utmost uptime and the best quality cases. To have now produced a earth record on their one-fourth Latitude line is actually encourage and shows that Cases24 are setting the ball-shaped standard for what can be achieved on these enormously competitive machines. We are delighted to be able to have this case in terms of productiveness here in the UK for others to see. ”

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