LINTEC newly developed the semi-automatic UV Irradiation System whose ability consumption was significantly reduced by the manipulation of LED ( Light Emitting Diode ) lamp for the dice ( cutting wafar ) process using UV curable tape * 1. We will start receiving purchase orders for “ RAD-2100m/12 ” from August 1. This is a UV Irradiation System which allows us to easily pick up the die after the wafer secured on the cube tape is cut to each single fail, by reducing the adhesive force of the dice tape with irradiation of UV. For the first time, LINTEC newly developed the semi-automatic UV Irradiation System which significantly reduced the power consumption by using a LED lamp. We will start receiving purchase orders for “ RAD-2100m/12 ” from August 1.

Reduce the power consumption of the system by approximately 70%. The expected life span of 7 years or longer is achieved

“ RAD-2100m/12 ” importantly reduces the understudy power consumption by instantaneous ignite of lamps. It besides reduces the power consumption by approximately 70 % *2. furthermore, it reduces the replacing frequency of the lamp and improves the maintainability. The expect life sentence couple of 7 years or longer is achieved. In accession, its product design is considered as environmentally friendly, since it does not use mercury.

LINTEC offers solutions on the high value-added videotape and the related-equipment used in the backend processes of the semiconductor device die manufacture, and besides proposes total process solution using both tapes and equipment for the backend box work. When the LED lamp is employed in semiconductor-related equipment, the volume control of miniature depending on the characteristics of each tape is specially difficult. consequently, “ RAD-2100m/12 ” is the equipment which LINTEC, having full cognition of the videotape, can manufacture and is highly dependable. In the future we will concentrate further on making proposals on the system optimization by engineering fusion of the tape and the equipment including UV Irradiation System with the conventional high gear blackmail mercury lamp as the light source .

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    Special adhesive tape to secure the wafer on the ring frame after the circuit is formed. During the dicing process where the wafer is cut to each single die, the tape holds the wafer with the strong adhesive force, and during the pickup process after cutting, the tape is irradiated by UV for the adhesive force of the tape to be reduced resulting in easy release from the tape.

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    The numerical value is actual measurement value and is not the guaranteed value.

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