A/n I know sexual love or host is a video recording thing but I thought it would be interest because dream did n't show his face so they are fair admiring his personality
                             thank you for the idea!!  
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thank you for the mind ! ! The plat is the authors note- TW : curse
( Dreams POV )
somehow I ended astir on the AustinShow play love or host without my facecam. Yeah somehow these girls will only be competing because they loved me for my personality . even though there were 11 girls on the express the person that stood out to me the most was y/n she was funny, cute, kind, but chaotic at the lapp time, her overall vibration was barely 💕🥰✨🤠🔪❤️ amaze and I fair loved it so a lot . As the questions had to have more time to answer and more girls got eliminated until there where three left, Austin asked the question `` what female child do you think is a bad choice for dream '' the other two girls said that Y/n could go first so she told him `` well..I remember Tegean is a bad choice for dream because she 's been watching a movie this whole time and you see the reflection on her glasses. '' `` This was a consume of my fucking time '' Tegean said and left `` well that escalated quickly '' I said and laughed `` yeah no pull the leg of '' y/n said and giggled `` well seeing how that motion turned out it 's very obvious to what she picked '' Austin said . ( Time skip to the 1 on 1 date thing ) After I got done with my 1 on 1 with Jayla it was time for my 1 on 1 with y/n.
( Bold is you and regular is mud ) `` Hello!" `` hello '' "How was your day so far dream?" `` It was amazing how about you y/n ? Are you enjoying your time here ? '' "That's good to hear! And yes I am really enjoying my time here I'm just so happy I got to meet you!" `` I know it 's eldritch for me to ask but are you okay with the theme that you might not know your boyfriends side ? '' `` Dream,I know that your uncomfortable with showing your face and that's okay,you can show me your face when your ready that won't change my view on you as a person" And it was that moment I knew that I was gon na for certain choose y/n ( Another meter decamp to after ur date because I 'm lazyyyyyyy ) `` dream have you made the decision on who 's going dwelling ? '' `` Yes, yes I have Austin '' `` would you do the honors of saying who 's going home ? '' Austin asked me `` no I 'd quite you do it so it 's more cliff-hanging '' I replied `` ooookay can you individual message me who 's going home plate '' -insert message telling noise- `` ah thank you dream '' `` no problem Austin '' `` now ladies gents and everything in between, the person whos going home i '' -insert deplorable music- `` Jayla I 'm thus regretful but your going dwelling for today, So that means y/n -insert cheerful music- YOU ARE THE WINNER OF TODAYS LOVE OR HOST '' When he started that sentence with Jaylas name her font barely lit up and she started jumping around `` thank you for having me Austin it 's been a respect, now will you excuse me I 'm gon na go walk my pawl, goodbye it was courteous being here and I choose love '' she said then signed off, after she signed off I heard y/n say
`` is this what love feels like ? '' `` Yeah '' I say `` Yeah it rightfully is ''
The end
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• A/n : ohio idol this is bad- I 'm blue that this is so atrocious I just could n't get my writer mind going : ( Oh and you picked 💕 -Mars✨
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