`` You 'll never find me ... '' Mark said in his signature deep voice, letting out a strange giggle at the end of his prison term. [ Male name ] rolled his eyes, shaking his head at Mark 's stupidity .
                           `` Oh very now ? '' he said sarcastically. They two were presently playing Prop Hunt in the same house. They were joined by Bob and Wade, all four of them recording .
                           `` actually, Mark 's in a reasonably good touch, '' Bob said over Skype. [ Male name ] had managed to kill Bob while he was hiding out in the open as a barrel, sol now he was just spectating.
                           `` Is he hiding in plain sight like he 's supposed to or is he cheating ? '' Wade asked, fishy. Mark made a fathom of mock offense as he looked into his webcam like, can you believe Wade ?
                           `` Of course I am ! '' he said. [ Male diagnose ] sighed and walked pass a couple boxes. suddenly Mark fusillade into giggles and he immediately got fishy .
                           `` Mark you idiot, '' Bob said as [ Male name ] turned his quality approximately and started shooting at boxes .
                           `` OH denounce ! '' Mark screamed into his mic. One of the boxes started gliding away, but disappeared once [ Male name ] launched a grenade at it. The text at the top of the shield read 'Hunters win ! ' and the game ended .
                           `` Haha ! I won ! '' [ Male name ] yelled, punching the air. wade whined .
                           `` You mean we won ? ''
                           `` What ? You did n't do shit ! '' All four of them started laughing, but Mark stopped foremost and started making 'awwwww ' sounds .
                           `` What is it ? '' [ Male name ] asked, stopping at last .
                           `` I died. ''
                           `` badly ? You die all the fourth dimension. No motivation to get all buttocks suffer over it. ''
                           `` My buttocks always hurts ... '' Mark murmured into his mic suggestively. [ Male name ] confront palmed and Bob and Wade started oohing. Yup, he could see the comments now .
                           `` Shut up Mark, you 're making yourself sound like a uke, '' [ Male name ] said, laughing. Mark looked into his television camera and started speaking in falsetto .
                           `` Oh [ Male appoint ] -kun, please stick your penisu into my butto-chan, desu uguuuuuuuuuu~ ! '' Mark said .
                           `` THIS VIDEO IS GETTING FLAGGED ! '' Bob yelled into his mic as Wade started wolf whistle. [ Male name ] stood up and walked around his mesa to where Mark was sitting. His brown eyes widened as he saw the formula on his boyfriend 's grimace .
                           `` Oh no, '' Mark managed to say, before [ Male list ] leaned down and kissed him to shut him up. He had absolutely no problem doing this on camera. once, they had started making out during one of Mark 's stream, and the fangirls went insane. Mark however, did mind, as whenever [ Male appoint ] kissed him on television camera ( or off camera for that matter ), he blushed and got embarrassed .
                           [ Male identify ] pulled away and grinned .
                           `` Shut up, '' he said, pecking Mark on the nose. He walked back to his desk, sat down, and started doing his outro .
                           `` Aw, check using your lips to shut me up, '' Mark whined. [ Male name ] laughed and shook his head.

Read more: US Orthophotos

                           `` But why ? It 's the most effective means, and let 's face it, we both know you like it, '' he said, winking. Mark pouted and sat on [ Male name ] 's lap, crossing his arms .
                           `` Oh hour angle hour angle, grow up Mark, I have to upload. '' When Mark showed no signs of getting up, [ Male name ] gave in and hugged him from behind, resting his face against Mark 's shoulder .
                           `` Love you, '' he whispered. Mark blushed again, doing his best to turn around and hug his boyfriend back .
                           `` I love you besides. ''
                           suddenly, both of their phones went off. They broke apart and started checking their notifications, wondering what was going on .
                           `` Whoa Mark, your viewers certain do post fast, '' [ Male mention ] said in curiosity .
                           `` What do you mean ? '' he asked, though he did n't have to wait long to find out. All over Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and other sociable media, people were posting pictures and gifs of their latest kiss on television camera. There were fangirls freaking out, and fan artwork already being drawn. Mark shook his head in incredulity .
                           `` Holy denounce, that was fast, '' he said. [ Male identify ] laughed and walked over. He switched to his television camera app, held up his telephone, and kissed Mark while taking a mental picture .
                           `` Yep, that 'll decidedly explode angstrom well, '' he said, showing Mark the picture. He looked storm in it, blushing hard .
                           `` God dammit, '' Mark muttered, already feeling embarrassed. The ( h/c ) haired male smirked as he posted the picture .
                           `` Love ya, '' he said badly .
                           ~~~~~~~~~~Author's Note~~~~~~~~~~
                           I know this one sucked and was short, but honestly, I didn't feel like writing this one. I started this fic before the news of Daniel broke out.
                           If you guys didn't know by now, a beloved YouTuber named Daniel Kyre, formerly part of Cyndago, passed away on Sep 18, 2015. I won't go into details about his death, but ever since he died, Mark hasn't been posting videos and Cyndago has ended.
                           When I heard the news, I felt really bad, because I never really watched Cyndago's videos. But my heart goes out to Daniel's family and friends, including Mark. But now that both channels aren't uploading anything, and Mark and many other people out there are heartbroken (as am I), I lost the motivation to write this.
                           I know you guys were really looking forward to reading this story, but now it feels kinda inconsiderate to write a happy fanfiction after what had happened.
                           So I'm sorry.
                           On a happier note, let's move on to some voting, shall we?
                           1) Kaneki Ken (This one will be happy, I promise. ^_^) (Tokyo Ghoul)
                           2) Jacksepticeye (YouTube)
                           3) Bully!Male!Reader x Victim!Eren Jaeger (I just really wanna write this one don't judge xD) (AoT AU)
                           R.I.P Daniel Kyre.
                           (Also I drew the picture.)

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