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” The girlfriend soon opened her eyes to only be greeted by a begrimed dirty room literature by entirely a oeuvre lamp. She looked around wondering where the mysterious voice was coming from. She spoke only to have her questions ignored. ”

” Hey, who ‘s there ? Where am I ? ” You were confused. You had no theme who was even speaking.

” The girlfriend was obviously confused. Bound to a moderate there was no way of getting up and finding an exit. She was able to spot a minor hoary knife on a postpone near by. All she had to do was get to it. ” You looked and lo and behold, there was a rust knife laying there. This was weird. You scooted your professorship nearer to the table and managed to grab the knife.

” She was able to cut the lasso and last be free to get up. ” You had no idea who was talking but you went ahead and cut the rope.

” No, no, that ‘s not right. We need to change that.. *scratch scratch* She was just about to cut the rope when the knife slipped and fell to the flat coat with a clang. ”

” Um … I ‘ve already cut the rope though ? ” abruptly you were pulled back into the president and the lasso was back as if it had never been cut. The knife was on the footing.

” What the sleep together ? ” You struggled against the tight lasso scratching against your wrists.

” The merely visible door in the room slowly began to open. ” You saw as the door started to open making this appear even the stranger.

” A serviceman in a beige coating enters. His dark haircloth is slicked back and he wears a fabric over his eyes that is a pale pinko for reasons strange. His name is The Host. He knows her identify is ( y/n ) and explains that the cause why she is here is because she is perfective. ”

” Perfect ? For what ? ” The guy in movement of you was unsettling to say the least.

” He answers her wonder. ‘Because you are a gladden to write. You follow along perfectly and rarely get lost in the pages. ‘ She seems to not quite understand what he means so he tries to elaborate. ‘I am an generator, renowned for my overplus of novels I have had the joy of writing. ‘ ” You could feel his eyes staring into you even though he had a fabric over them.

” An author ? ” He looked more like a serial cause of death …

” She does n’t seem to believe him. It was only natural though given that he brought her to such a place as this. ” He gestured his arms outward towards the room as he turned around. You sat restfully as you looked around the board for ways to escape. There were multiple tools laid out on tables or messily shoved in boxes. It looked somewhere in between a workshop and a torture chamber. You spotted blood stained into the concrete around where your moderate sat. You felt a shiver run up your spine.

” going to kill me ? ? ” You do n’t know why you even asked because, do you in truth want to know the answer ?

” The Host turns to ( y/n ). He explains that that is not his intentions and she should not be afraid. ” He walked closer and ran his finger tips along the side of your face, trying to comfort you.

” Why am I here then ? ” You could feel his hand twitch slightly.

” The Host has already explained that ( y/n ) is here because she is perfect. Beginning to get annoy he takes a few steps back and regains his composure. ” His hands pulled at his hair’s-breadth in frustration until he paused and ran his fingers through it, fixing it, and adjusted his coating.

” Perfect for what ? ” You hesitantly asked another interview uncertain if it was a effective idea or not.

” A smile is brought upon the Host ‘s face at this question. He answers, ‘Perfect for my following story. ‘ He was certain she was the one for the job. All he had to do was find the future part to continue the floor so he would not have to rewrite all of his plans. ” He turned, going to a shelf and looking through the boxes on it. You looked around and spotted a little hired hand saw that you may be able to use. You looked at the Host, he seemed perturb enough. subtly you tried to move your moderate but one skid up made a atrocious scratch make noise that caught his attention immediately.

” The Host turned abruptly to find ( y/n ) trying to change the floor. ‘How could you do this ? ! ‘ He exclaimed. possibly she did n’t realize why this was so important to the Host. He would need to let her know. ” He walked closer to you until his face was inches from yours. You then found out by the smell of iron that the fabric on his eyes had blood on it, or at least it did. It had been rinsed ill but the fact made you a bit sick.

” He could let her know but he knew he would need to leave some suspense for later in the story so he just said, ‘This history means the populace to me. Please test and respect that. ‘ The Host turned and resumed shuffling through the begrimed boxes. ” He had done just what he said and you were left to sit, tied to your chair. The Host on the spur of the moment pushed over a box and slammed his hand down on the shelf.

” Where is it ? ! ” He spoke in a hushed tone through gritted teeth. You could tell he was beyond pissed.

” The Host recalled he had left the item back there. He would need to go and retrieve it. ‘I ‘ll be back soon, please be patient. ‘ ” With that, the Host had left through the door. This was your opportunity. You waited a few seconds before scooting your chair to the hand saw. Managing to shake the postpone enough to make the blade fall, you caught it in your hands. well thing it was n’t too sharp. Just shrill enough to cut the restraints after some workplace at it.

You went straight to the door which was unlocked to your surprise. He very must ‘ve been confident in this little plaza. The door opened to reveal stone steps going up into an abyss of darkness. This was the only route to go then you did n’t truly have a choice of going up or not. You began to ascend the steps. It had about felt as if you were n’t getting anywhere but soon the crown of your forefront smacked the roof. “ What the- ” You placed your hands above you and felt a wooden door. You pushed on it a bit and found you could lift it. It opened up to a moonlit afforest. It was like a root cellar door but there was no house around. immediately that you were out you just had to find out where you were. There was nothing but forest all around you. Time to pick a guidance and go with it …

You had picked north as the best choice. As you carefully tread through the forest your thinker started to race with all sorts of terrors in the darkness with each rustle and noise you heard. You began to walk faster and faster until you were flat out running. Your foundation caught on a root and you crashed down onto the reason bringing you to a full blockage. You stayed down out of pure exhaustion, you recollected yourself calming your rest. Whoosh. You froze, listening for the noise again. just as you were about to get up you heard it again. That sounded like.. cars ..on a street. You must be close up to other people. You jumped up and followed the informant of the sound. There were actually houses. You walked around a few streets until you felt a hired hand clasp over your sass and an arm envelop around you. You were pulled to the side of a house while the person hushed your mumble cries for help and restrained your flail.

” Shhhh ! He might hear us ! ” The part sounded companion. It was close to the Host ‘s voice but it had more emotion. “ I ‘m detective Iplier. I ‘ve been watching this homo for a while now. I ‘m here to help. ” You relaxed a bit and he let go of you. You noticed he had slicked hair and a dark uniform on as he showed his badge.

” Well that ‘s a sin of a way to say hello. ” You slightly glared at him.

” I know, I am blue about that but if he had known you were there it would n’t be good for either of us. ” He spoke in a hush tone. “ The Host has killed all of his previous victims or rather they have all died of ‘ accidents ‘. We did n’t have the proof to pin him down so I was sent to keep tabs on him. ” You listened to everything as he explained the situation.

” indeed what- ” You were cut short when the both of you heard a doorway close. Detective Iplier quickly dropped down to the crunch pulling you down a well, eyes across-the-board, waiting and watching. The Host was coming from the house next to the one you guys were hiding against. He walked along the street veracious in movement of you. Your heart was racing. He stopped walking.

” The Host stopped. There was a sound. He listened for a hour wondering what it could be. Shaking his headway and chalking it up to his resource he continued on his way bet on. ” He then kept walking until disappearing into the woods.

” Why did we hide ? He ca n’t even see. ” You sat up looking to the detective for answers.

” That ‘s only partially correct. It was the stopping point time we had issues with him. We had him in an interrogation room and asked him questions but it was about as if he knew what the detectives were going to say before they even did. He ‘s got some kind of trick even without view. ” He stood astir and reached his hand to you. You took his extend and got to your feet. “ It wo n’t take long for him to notice that you ‘re gone. We need to go. ”

You sat in the back of his car so you could lay down. He played politic jazz as he drove to the police station to get your statement down formally. His colleges would then be able to have proof and catch him. He had n’t been the only one keeping an center on the Host.

Staring up at the roof of the car you thought back. It had n’t even been that long. This night was a angry drive from beginning to finish. The epinephrine had worn off and you were exhausted. It began to rain. You closed your eyes listening to the sounds of the rain and the cable car.

Detective Iplier woke you up some time late. It had stopped raining. Your body felt dense and you could barely keep your eyes open. You must ‘ve been asleep for less than twenty dollar bill minutes. Regardless, you walked into the place and took worry of all the super fun official stuff..Detective Iplier seat with you to keep you awake and answer your questions.

” Detective Iplier ! ” A grandiloquent man with brunet curly haircloth spoke from across the board. “ In here. ” He gestured to what you guessed was his function though you could n’t read the nameplate on the door from where you were. He had gotten up and entered the room.

He came spinal column into the board not excessively long afterwards with an expression of frustration. He looked at you and your eyes met. immediately he glanced aside and back to you, about disgracefully. He came closer and sat next to you. not wanting to look directly at you he stared towards the ground.

” They did n’t get him. No one knows where he went. ” You felt your heart chute.

” So this means … ” His words woke you up for a second base. You had forgotten the debilitation.

” yea. We ca n’t very help much either. I have some colleges of mine that will keep watch of you if you ‘ll let them. ” He looked to you with his eyes slenderly aspirant.

” I think that would be best. I need to sign a accept form ? ”

once you were back at your house you double checked everywhere. thankfully you were in the clear. You made certain all windows and doors were locked arsenic well. You were able to get a shower and into clean clothes. Bundling up in your bed, you left the light on. You had tried to turn off the light but it was besides uncomfortable. It was gon sodium be one of those nights. You closed your eyes and began to drift when you heard the smooth deep spokesperson.

    “She sinks into her warm bed, completely unaware of what is to come.”

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