Disney+ first noticed Dillon Barlow ‘s food art techniques when his collaboration with Maurice Abelman to design a Davy Jones sculpture hit the internet last year. Photo courtesy of Dillon Barlow of Over The exceed Cakes. All it took was one social media post of Houston house physician Dillion Barlow and Maurice Abelman ’ randomness elaborate food art design featuring Davy Jones of “Pirates of the Carribean” to get him noticed by Disney and the producers of the new Disney+ show Foodtastic.
Born and raised in Nederland, about 100 miles outside of Houston, Barlow grew up admiring his founder ’ randomness mania for making cakes. Inspired by those childhood memories, Barlow worked his way up as a pastry chef at bakeries in his hometown before making the move to the big city of Houston last year. now his company, Over The Top Cakes, keeps him interfering creating meticulously designed cakes for customers all along the Gulf Coast .
Disney+ Foodtastic team
His endowment and rage are nowadays being featured on the raw Disney+ show “ Foodtastic, ” which launched 11 episodes of the food-art competition show on December 15. Each episode of “ Foodtastic ” is hosted by Emmy Award-winner Keke Palmer, with Flour Shop founder Amirah Kassem and NYC’s City Cakes founder chef Benny Rivera serve as the usher ’ s food art experts.

The first season of “ Foodtastic ” features a three of different teams each sequence competing to display technical skills, creative storytelling, and originality featuring one of Disney ’ s brands : classic Disney, Pixar, Marvel or Star Wars. not only does the show sport talented pastry chefs and food artisans from all over the world, but besides a few from Southeast Texas .
Disney+ Foodtastic Keke
“ I got the call several months ago and was shocked, ” said Barlow. “ While many shows have asked me to come on, none were Disney until this year. That opportunity I could not pass up. ”
Barlow cursorily assembled a team of talented artists that he thought would give him a competitive advantage. Thinking outside the box, Barlow brought on friend, artist and graphic designer Maurice Abelman, who co-owns The Mont Creative Studios in Beaumont and is a professor at Lamar State College Port Arthur. He besides recruited another talented Beaumont artist, Dee Compean, who ’ south sleep together for her hand-drawn creations. She ’ randomness previously worked with Barlow making cakes at Market Basket and Rao’s Bakery in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area .
The opportunity to participate in “ Foodtastic ” was a surprise to these Texas residents, particularly during the pandemic. All contestants on the show had to fly to Los Angeles, California, to quarantine before the competition. According to Barlow and his teammates, the film process took a week per episode and brought them closer together .
Disney Foodtastic Food Fighters Team
During this creative challenge, any food token could be used as ingredients to craft jaw-dropping, Disney-worthy designs. “ Disney knows no bounds, ” said Barlow, of his experience with the enormous pantry that the team was provided to construct each storytelling design. Teams were encouraged to think big and be bold .
“ With Maurice ’ s talent to draw and construct a model from rub, and Dee ’ s ability to draw in-detail iconic Disney characters, I knew our team had a capital opportunity at winning, ” said Barlow .
While there is no real trophy for winners on the indicate, the pride of getting noticed by judges and featured on a global platform is all this team desired. We can ’ t delay to see how this team performs. Watch these Southeast Texans compete on Episode 10 of “ Foodtastic ” now streaming on Disney+.

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