dramatically increase cooling !
Reduces under-hood atmospheric pressure by 50 %
Specifically designed for the NA and NB Miata hood
Retains hood rigidity and the use of the store hood latch
Increases engine cooling capabilities
Decreases lift on the movement of the car
Backed by data developed through atmospheric pressure and flow testing
Outperforms every hood vent option tested ( by a lot )
Designed and produced in the USA Hoods vents are a key component to improving the cool system effectiveness. Reducing the atmospheric pressure behind the radiator creates a larger differential between the front and rise of the radiator. The larger the imperativeness differential, the greater the airflow through your radiator. Reducing underhood pressure besides cuts down on airlift under the front of the cable car, improving downforce. These are the first hood vents specifically designed for the miata hood through real universe testing and which retain hood inflexibility and practice of the factory hood latch and prop up. Most DIY or aftermarket vents that have been grafted onto Miata hoods in the past act not offer these features. singular MotorSports carefully tested their design on the Miata. They started by investigating the imperativeness and airflow of the stock hood and then tested a number of existing venting options. They used the best performing vent they found as a benchmark and set out to beat it with a new design from the earth up.

The result is a louver system including gurney flaps that reduces the atmospheric pressure under the hood by a astonishing 50 %, fits NA and NB hoods with placement tailored to each model. These louvers work in the whippersnapper factory aluminum hood to minimize cost and you avoid dealing with the hapless fitment of aftermarket hoods. These do not sacrifice hood inflexibility so that even the store hood latch can distillery be used. This is a DIY facility function. That said, Singular MotorSports gave careful think to ease of install from the beginning and you get a full moon vinyl cutting template specific to the NA or NB Miata. The cut template removes the guess from your install, just stick it on and it shows you where to cut. besides included is rubber eraser trim that fits around the circumference of the holes, making it easy to achieve a clean and finished front. The louvers ship flat ( relax ), you bend the fins when you receive them. The new Version 2 ‘s come anodized in black, and can easily be painted over if you desire a different color. note : New Version 2 of these louvers has integrated the forward gurney dither into the main louver design. For the Version 2, the front “ fin ” in the louvers is the gurney flap – it should be flex to vertical thus that it can function correctly.

What you get :

Precision waterjet aluminum louvers
Integrated gurney roll plan
Aluminum stud mounting hardware
Rubber trim to cover the cut edge for a clean look
Chassis specific vinyl cut templateINSTALL NOTES : hera is what you get in the box, including template. Start with positioning the include template on the hood as shown below : Louvers are pre-cut but need to be bent as shown here :

Result after bending looks like this : After painting or powder coating they can look like this : Cut and impound. Installed they look like this : MORE Awesome Red Miata With Singular MotorSports Hood Vent Kit Installed, courtesy of Customer Chris Myhre

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