WHAT we do and HOW we do it. The mission of MBW Company is at the core of our services. It encompasses the very center of those experiences that bring timbre and value to, not lone the lives of the people we support, but to the lives of all of us. The same is dependable of our company Values. We like to put it this way… Our mission is WHAT we seek to accomplish and our Values is HOW we seek to accomplish it .

Mission StatementMission Statement

The Mission of MBW Company is to provide individuals support in…achieving valued social roles, discovering and contributing gifts and talents, growing in relationships, having community presence and making informed choices .

Valued Social Role

Experiencing regard and condition within the person ’ s family, friendships and in the community.
Examples : active organization penis, community volunteer, church member, neighbor, friend, citizen, homeowner, class penis .

Discovering & Contributing Gifts & Talents

Discovering the things that create interest and enjoyment ; the things that have meaning for the person, the want-to ’ mho.
Examples : Exploring interests such as vacations, hobbies, acting, games, music, cooking, sports, leadership and group participation.

Growing In Relationships

Develop relationships that are meaningful and grow in value over time.
Examples : Hosting acquaintance and family events, initiating community activities, maintaining a consistent and regular presence, sending cards on particular days, commit reciprocity .

Community Presence

Sharing the activities of average community life.
Examples : bank, grocery shopping, bill paying, festivals, movies and parades .

Informed Choice

Supporting a person to increase restraint over his or her own life.
Examples : assistant individuals express preferences, specify personal goals, pursue dreams, take risks responsibly, and manage the cocksure and negative consequences of decisions .

Value Statement

We achieve our mission with our values : quality of Life, Understanding & Caring Relationships, Can-Do-Attitude, Loyalty, Innovation and Learning and Teamwork.

Quality of Life

We promote aroused and physical health for our clients and ourselves. When we experience quality in our lives, we are better able to support people to be healthy, safe, and achieve their liveliness goals .

Understanding & Caring Relationships

We value respect, kindness, and integrity as the effect of all our relationships .


We value a positive, can-do attitude and the ability to recognize the “ opportunity ” in a challenge situation.


We value loyalty to the MBW Company Mission and the people that we support. We are committed to doing our best in whatever character in the planning of services .

Innovation & Learning

We value inquisitive and creative minds, a willingness to learn from one another and the ability to explore new ways that move us forward on our travel .


We rate the diverse experiences, perspectives, and talents that people bring to MBW and to our teams. A traffic circle of subscribe bonds us together as we work toward achieving our mission .

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