Medical Practice Website Hosting

Managing a web site is not american samoa elementary as it may seem on the open. It ‘s easily to overlook software updates and waiter alimony, and these duties besides take time. Enlisting our expert web hosting services ensures your site operates a efficiently as possible .
RemedyConnect has two decades of medical rehearse web site hosting experience. Our professional team understands what tools match the needs for a successful on-line healthcare platform, including HIPAA complaisance and other safety features. In addition to base hit and efficiency, consolidating world wide web creation and host in one place can save time and money while simplifying web site operations .

Benefits of Professional Medical Practice Website Hosting


RemedyConnect services were developed by doctors to serve the healthcare community. Our cut web host, web development, and plan solutions support medical professionals. We have a clear sympathize of what is necessity to run an expert healthcare web site on the front man and back-end. Our cognition of the ins-and-outs of medical websites makes the hosting integration simple for our clients. Plus, we optimized our hardware for top performance, and automated tasks, like backups, eliminate extra costs .


Malware renders sites unserviceable, spam messages flood inboxes, and database putrescence are some of the most common on-line hacks. Digital attacks continue to rise, but fortunately security system is strengthening along with it.

It is common for raw and returning patients to fill out indemnity and aesculapian history forms online, so a trustworthy checkup practice web site hosting security is necessity. RemedyConnect ‘s over 20 years of know will ensure you and your patients can safely share checkup documents and indemnity forms online.

Email and messaging systems—group message, alerts, standard electronic mail, liaison forms, patient portals, on-line forms, and other features— should meet all of your practice ‘s needs while complying with HIPAA regulation. Through RemedyConnect web site host, on-line communication and documentation are securely SSL encrypted. Website monitor and routine audit to recognize electric potential weak points stop security risks before they start.

Fast Load Speeds

Most people do not have the patience for a slow loading world wide web page. If your site is low-performing, electric potential new patients could promptly bounce to another site. RemedyConnect checkup commit web site hosting eliminates performance issues to keep visitors on your web site, so they find the information they need and schedule appointments. As a bonus, a functional, high performing web site will besides boost search engine optimization rankings .

Maximum Uptime and Suppor

significant processes such as on-line health and insurance forms are all-important to get through the workday. aesculapian practices must run a reliable locate. RemedyConnect ‘s medical web host services ensure your web site is up and running 99.9 % of the time. If there is ever any issue with your web site, our team of technical foul professionals based in the US will quickly resolve concerns, 24 hours a sidereal day .

Find Out More

As part of our all-in-one, full-service approach, RemedyConnect provides custom-make web design and mobile app development in addition to medical practice web site host services. Connect with one of our team members to find out more .

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