Have you ever noticed how an unattractive light switch can very drag a good room down ? On the throw side of the spectrum, meet Meljac of France, makers of, if you ask us, the World ’ s Most beautiful Brass Switches, Sockets, and other Wall Fittings. We discovered the company in 2013 and have since checked back in many times to see more. here ’ s what we found. Beautiful Basics The Brass Light Switch and More by Meljac portrait 3 Above : Established in 1995 by engineer Andre Bousquet, Meljac has supplied wall hardware to Versailles, the Louvre, and a who ’ s who of french designers. Its designs are solid brass that comes in more than 25 finishes ( brushed nickel with brass buttons, for exemplify, is shown here ). All are made to ordain at the company ’ randomness factory outside of Paris and can be customized.

recently Meljac opened an LA office and introduced the line to the deal in the US and Canada. Contact Meljac North America for pricing and ordering data. Above : Meljac ’ s lighting controls for the US market are focused on home automation systems–not mean for replacing a switch or two, but intended to work with entire lighting frame-up. The outlets and data plates, however, are all UL-listed for standard US line electric potential, so they can easily work in both new construction and retrofit jobs. Shown here, at Hotel La Reserve in Paris, Meljac ’ s Tuliipe reading lamp with an anthracite finish alongside a wall switch with push buttons for scene light and an all-off toggle switch. Above : A sampling of Meljac ’ s toggle light up controls and, on the far entrust, a bronze-finished video intercommunication system system denture, which can be used to replace an existing plate. The white light switch is back-painted glass. Meljac toggles and press buttons are available as either “ latch ” ( elementary on/off ) or “ fleeting, ” which allows for them to dim and besides to serve as window ghost and curtain controls. Jean-Luc Deschaine of LVL reports, “ We are presently developing a credit line electric potential dimmer switch that will allow for a simple surrogate of your light switches. ”

Above : Meljac refers to its idle switches as keypads. here, a chrome-finished brass version with push buttons for multiple fall options and on/off command. Above : A double USB release ( bottom ) and series of keypads, including, far veracious, a custom-made version laser-engraved with the client ’ s own hand-drawn symbols. Above : A double light interchange and release in a ending known as argent patiné. For advice on where to position outlets, consult our Remodeling 101 series, including Where to Locate Outlets, Kitchen Edition. Above : Meljac makes thermostat covers ( shown hera, top ) and alarm system plates, excessively, that are on our wish list. For more details, go to Meljac NA.

not upgrading your electrical system anytime soon ? Consider replacing your switch Plate Covers for a small change with a big impact. And take a look at Walhub ’ s Hardworking Switch Plates. N.B. : This mail is an update of an earlier fib .

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