Mr. L’s Mickey Mouse Cake Smash Portraits from Newton MA

Mr. L and his kin visited my studio from Newton MA to celebrate his first birthday with portraits and a playfulness Mickey Mouse cake smash ! His family included ma, dad, and big baby who was five. even though it was a photograph photograph to celebrate Mr. L ’ second birthday, I made sure to take some portraits of big systeme international d’unites, besides. I even got to add a small magic to her photos in post serve. Fun photos like this one are always a boastful hit with the kids. Who doesn ’ t love a short magic trick ?
Some family portraits and sibling shots were besides included. I love the look of this sweet and capricious tee peeing. Both bad ti and Mr. L had a few different outfit changes throughout the course of the session. This is one of the benefits to having a full session vs a miniskirt school term. It gives you the chance to add some variety to the session. In this case, boastfully sister had a fooling equip, a more formal option, and a floral dress that matched mama ’ randomness dress for family portraits .
For odoriferous children invest, both casual and courtly, I recommend Hope and Henry or Bella Bliss.

Incorporating A Theme Into Your Cake Smash Photo Session

If you ’ ve taken a glance at my cake smash school term gallery or blog posts, chances are you know I love a estimable patty smash root. Whether that theme is based on a popular children ’ randomness ledger, a fabulous animal, a darling animal, or anything in between. I have never had a customer mention a patty smash theme that I WASN ’ T excited for .

In this casing, that root was Mickey Mouse. I think my team and I pulled it off. Red, black, and yellow balloons and wallpaper pommy poms, along with red curtains and a customs Mickey Mouse banner made for the perfect backdrop. And of course, Mr. L ’ s Mickey Mouse outfit made these portraits extra mouse-tacular ! For the arrant themed outfit or accessories, I always check Etsy first.

For more theme ideas, check out our 2019 Cake Smash Bucket List mail. There are inactive some themes I would love to photograph !

Displaying Your Child’s Portraits At Home

My team and I are hera to make every aspect of your portrait seance as slowly and stress-free as possible. This includes sending out styling questionnaires before your session to make certain we have an idea of what you would like before you tied get to the studio. In the studio apartment we take care of everything from set design, to helping wrangle your children, and acting like a fool to get the picture perfective smile. And after the school term, we help you choose what prints and products work best for you. This includes creating wall art mock-ups using your own walls and rooms. Below is an case of a gallery wall created for this family. No more guessing what works best .

Are you looking for patty smash photograph near Newton MA ? Crabapple Photography is located in Andover MA and serves clients from around the area including Wellesley, Cambridge, Waltham, Brighton and more. Kate McKenna has over 11 years know photographing babies and children of all ages. Contact Kate nowadays .

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