The MMT-480-50VA-48V from Larson Electronics is a 480 V primary electric potential micro transformer that is powerful, dependable and innovatively designed. With high-quality silicon sword laminations providing optimum performance, the MMT-480-50VA-48V provides increase reliablity and auspices against critical equipment failures. This micro transformer features an innovative plan with a unique terminal barricade design that allows for a quick and easy hook up along with the abilty to easily install fuse clips to the unit. The uniquely designed molded coil covers give this micro transformer superior cooling system abilities and a slick appearance. transformer Features : With a transformer rate of 0.05 kVA ( 50 VA ), the MMT-480-50VA-48V is a machine tool industrial micro transformer with a chief electric potential of 480 V. It besides provides a secondary coil electric potential of 48 V. Featuring compress and innovative construction, this unit`s cores are manufactured with high-quality silicon steel laminations using state of the art technology. This unit boasts an innovative terminal block invention that allows for easy hookup. Connecting this unit of measurement is a elementary tax thanks to the end connection numbers being molded into the terminal forget which corresponds to the nameplate and wiring diagrams. A singular fin-shaped, injection molded coil cover gives this unit superscript cool abilities. The unit besides features a 130¡C insulating material class with a 80¡C temperature get up. Benefits : The MMT-480-50VA-48V micro transformer offers many benefits to the consumer. Full encapsulation of the windings and internal terminations ensures that the unit is protected from moisture, crap, debris and other contaminants. Removeable finger safe terminal covers contribute towards the overall clean and satiny search of the unit. The compact and advanced design features make this a great choice for industrial tool applications. This micro transformer has heavy steel mounting feet that are either welded or bolted to the core. This transformer features end obstruct terminations. Applications : Power Managment, Industrial Larson Electronics is a manufacturer and as such can build stationary and portable transformer systems to your specifications. Although we carry several models of power distribution transformer systems, we can deliver custom ordered units about equally cursorily as our prebuilt units. If this model does not meet your needs, please contact us at 888-325-4448 [ e-mail protected ] to discuss your specific requirements. Specifications / extra Information MMT-480-50VA-48V Micro Transformer Approvals/Ratings Phase : Single Phase Listing : UL Listed Frequency : 50/60 Hz Approved for US and Canada kVA : 0.05 ( 50 VA ) CE Mark Standard Primary Voltage : 480 V RoHS Compliant Primary association : series ( V ) Primary FCAN ( Std. ) : 0 x 0 % Primary FCBN ( Std. ) : 0 x 0 % secondary electric potential : 48 V secondary connection : series ( V ) material : Copper Primary termination : terminal Block Secondary result : concluding Block Special Orders- Requirements Insulation : 130¡C Contact us for special requirements Temperature rise : 80¡C Toll free : 888-325-4448 Enclosure Material : injection Molded Cover Intl : 1-214-616-6180 hop on : Heavy Steel Feet electronic mail : [ electronic mail protected ] Scroll Down to Purchase-

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