Some of the coolest valet cave designs I ’ ve seen on the web or in person normally have some military theme to it. After doing some research on-line, I didn ’ t come across a whole lot of ideas that in truth impressed me that much. Most of the ideas were from Pinterest but didn ’ triiodothyronine actually have links to the products themselves. While it ’ south cool to get inspirational ideas from it, I still wanted to be able to put together an article filled with all types of military-style interior decoration items .
It ’ sulfur easy to find specific websites that have a long ton of antique items that fit the theme of this type of man cave but are insanely expensive or unnecessary. I left some links below to a couple of these sites that interested me the most. For the most part, Amazon and Etsy were the best places to find them, but I did all the research for you this time !
The finish of this article is to at least charge you in the correct guidance for timbre things to put in the cave. I didn ’ triiodothyronine go for brassy plastic material style ones, as these are items I will likely purchase in the future for my laid up. As constantly, if you have any questions feel spare to leave a comment or reach out at entertainmentden.ns @ and I ’ ll do my best to respond !
Table of Contents

  1. Handhelds
  2. Wall Art
  3. Tabletop Decor 
  4. Ancient Warrior Themes
  5. Gift Ideas for Yourself
  6. Other Good Sites


Hopefully I ’ ll stay in contact with my good friends all the manner up until I get a family banish and get custom-made bottle openers for each of them. If you have close friends or evening kin that routinely come over, these would make a arrant gift. They besides would keep your friends accountable for their undoer if they have a inclination to lose your stuff a set .
These ones are crafted from actual U.S military .50 cal rounds which I think is pretty neat. The shop class provides excellent avail and you can customize names or phrases onto these things however you manner it .

A standard, field line beverage cool that does precisely what you think it does. When you have another party with a bunch together of military members, be sure to issue these out at the begin of the party. You can use these for hot and cold drinks and it will fit around about any drink since the shoulders are adjustable .
It may take a little bit of finagling to get the correctly shape for beer cans or wine bottles, but it ’ randomness wholly accomplishable as noted by a fortune of reviewers. It ’ s extremely bum so it ’ mho worth getting more than one. If you ’ re in indigence of a cozie, might a well put a military root on it .

If you ’ ve been browsing the web for products like this before arriving here, I ’ m certain you ’ ve come across this by immediately. To me, it seems eldritch to have a full size glaze with a bullet train sticking out of it so I went with the shot glass. It ’ s a singular design that ’ south barely a little bit more alien than a shoot field glass but besides not besides much .
It ’ second even made with a real .308 bullet !

Wall Art

A six-piece multi-panel of a silhouette of soldiers ( or Marines ), how much cool does that get ? It goes for about $ 40 on Etsy but you can choose from a wide variety of frame sizes. Shipping can take up to 7 – 14 days but well worth the wait if you ’ re not in a rush for a gift .
The frame of reference is moisture proof and made from a wooden backboard. The material itself is a criterion Framed canvas. You can alter the price of this by choosing how many pieces you want it to come in .

A handmade, bumpkinly american masthead multipanel exchangeable to the one above. It ’ s besides made from a natural cotton canvas tent but with a ache wood frame. A different workshop constructs this product but they ship debauched ( 3-5 business days ) compared to the one above. It ’ s a little more expensive than the one above ( $ 60 ) but it comes down to predilection .
measurement your wall before ordering since you can besides get this one in a customs amount of panels. If you follow the link from either of these products you ’ ll come across a fortune of alike products/designs to these ones if these don ’ t catch your eye .

If there are any naval aviators out there that wouldn ’ t think this was clean, be sure to call me out on it. I was surprised to see that this costs round $ 480 but this is besides a in full customizable holy order. You can choose between maple, red, walnut, mahogany, and an oak wood cut ( you ’ re besides able to choose what color stain you want the wood to be ). You can message this provider to even get more detailed customizations done .

My class has a couple of these guys hanging off the side of our wall. They ’ re a bite big but they besides stand out when it comes to wall interior decoration. These ones are 43 inches high. The black, metallic design makes it easy to place these future to other furniture and they won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expression out of home .
You fair need a standard nail down to hang them from the wall and you ’ rhenium commodity to go. I decidedly agree that the more of these you buy, the better they look .

Tabletop / Decor

Most of these items would fit well on a desk, a coffee bean table, or a measure counter .

This measures 5.5 ten 3.75 adam 6 inches which would be perfect for a desk or on a counter next to a DIY bar. It ’ s handpainted, whippersnapper ( 1.7 pounds ) but hush durable. No one truly had anything negative to say about this product .
Pacific Giftware on Amazon has a bunch together of other designs with a military composition if you ’ re looking for something slightly different. They have everything from draco designs to ancient Greek warrior antiques of exchangeable size and quality .

I had this one in a different article that was under general man cave interior decoration but it ’ sulfur worth putting in this section ampere well. If you need some extra alight in your set up and want an old westerly root, this is the way to go. It goes for about $ 60 which I think is a fairly adequate price for a lamp. It looks amazingly realistic and you can tell that it ’ s not made from a brassy credit card substantial that won ’ thymine survive .
The lamp is made from a fabric nuance ( with a sweet looking engrave of horsemen ) and measures 19 x 10 adam 7. It turns on using a spin switch that is centered on the power cord itself .

Pub tables are by and large around $ 200 but this one goes for $ 359. That ’ s a lot more expensive but the cost comes from the chrome finished plastic band that the emblem is created on. You ’ re probably besides paying for the “ brand ” itself but pillow assured the timbre will be up to par with any other public house table .
It ’ s 100 % cancel repellent and coated with some UV protection if for some reason you want to move it outside for an consequence. Overall, it ’ s a great, sturdy table. I haven ’ metric ton seen a public house table that comes with the early branches, but I ’ ll leave a connection at the end of this article to a locate that does forte designs for the armed forces .

If you would rather not steal these from the galley, you can get these stools on Amazon for $ 140. The Marine Corps has the like model stool and the other armed services have respective stools in the “ associate products ” segment. The USN and USMC model stools have the swivel feature and the trio plated chrome stopping point should keep it from squeaking .

If it ’ s not obvious by immediately, I ’ m a little bias towards the USMC. I love the design of these coasters. The slate design has a countrified expect that I think could easily fit the root of any man cave. unfortunately, I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate able to find the lapp stage set of coasters for other branches of the military BUT I was able to find a web site that does custom coaster designs .
The only thing that sucks is that you have to order at least a 100 ! I included the connect ( non-sponsored ) precisely in case you have a position in which you would need that much. Until Amazon puts up slate coasters for other branches, you might just have to join the USMC in the meanwhile .

Ancient Warrior Themes

I included this segment since it will appeal to anyone who ’ s bad on embracing the warrior ethos. even if you have a modern man cave, a batch of these items would look amazing with reasonably much any apparatus. Some of them look like they would rigorously be antiques, but I can see them fitting in with a lot of people ’ mho designs. Some products will be from sites other than Amazon, but they are all reputable and have a way to contact them if you need customer servicing .

A very detailed and high-quality greek champion. It weighs about 1.6 pounds and is approximately 9 inches tall. Almost everyone agrees this is a solid piece that ’ south well crafted. It comes precisely as it looks and is made from the lapp Bronze material as the other greek statue .
I find pieces like this to be inspiring to some extent. It ’ s a great delineation of warriors from ancient fourth dimension that reminds us to constantly embrace the warrior ethos. This one goes for $ 55 on Amazon .

A near perfective replica of the helmet of one of the finest warriors. It ’ s made from a plate antique brass section ( 18 bore steel ) and black horse haircloth. It ’ south even amply clothing ! The helmet doesn ’ t come with the stand so if you have another theme for displaying it that would work besides .
I thought an antique like this would be a draw heavier but it ’ south actually under 4lbs. You can get it for around $ 100 on Amazon. even

I would say this one is for the most ancient warrior enthusiasts. I ’ ve never been to a house that has a entire suit of armor on display, but I ’ ve seen some pretty sweet images online and this provider only had 11 left in stock when I checked on it. The transport on this will take a fiddling bit longer than 3-5 business days ( I think it has to ship from abroad ) .
It ’ south made of 18 gauge firm steel and you can even create a custom size regulate if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want the default option dimensions of it. They sell a fortune of items very alike to this. The person who left a recapitulation of this particular one was extremely meet with the quality and customer serve. This suit could easily be the most stunning item on display .

* NauticalMart ( non-sponsored link ) is a locate that sells anything to do with chivalric replica, armor collections, and antiques. A distribute of their products aren ’ t on Amazon but they do have quite a presence on there besides. Check out their master site if you want to browse more of their extraordinary solicitation. *

Gift Ideas or for Yourself

A fortune of these items would already make some great gifts but this section is merely a little sting more on the budget scale. If the lone thing you know about the person is that they like guns and like the military, these items would most likely be a universal fit .

This thing could identical well be the last equal you need if your cave is more on the retro english or if you precisely like Call of Duty. I ’ megabyte indisputable lots of military members are going to skip over this one but I threw it in because always set up is unique and can be accommodated by different themes .
Speaking from personal have, these lights work the best when a formative substantial is keep dust-free. It besides makes a bang-up, ambient light
A set of these products would already make some great gifts. I put this section in here for anyone that is potentially browsing for person. Take a attend below if that applies to you .

I wouldn ’ t say there is anything highly extra about this one other than the fact that it looks like a bigger version of a G-Shock ( and tells 24 hour time ). Take a look at the associate if you ’ re in indigence of a clock. You can get ones that have a “ Go Army ” background on them but the design of them looked a little bromidic .
It ’ randomness durable, scratch immune, and has the lapp, long barrage life sentence as early analogue clocks .

Any greek warrior fans will find this to be a perfect tabletop decoration. It ’ s about the lapp altitude that a school textbook would be and is made from a cold casting bronze metal. If you ended up going to Italy recently and didn ’ t have meter to get a keepsake, it wouldn ’ thyroxine be excessively late to pick up one of these for your lair. Most reviews say that it ’ s a little bit improbable in altitude than they imagined. I imagine it wouldn ’ thyroxine be best to shove it in between the quad on a bookshelf unless it ’ mho well spaced out .
ultimately, I think it ’ sulfur one of the coolest depictions of a Roman legion that display intricate contingent and it ’ randomness for a reasonably fair $ 65 .

Of all the items in this list, I would imagine this one would be the most suitable for the man cave of person who had a long military career ( or is placid in serve ). What better way to display years of collection throughout different commands than to have a dedicated expose character. It ’ south lockable and the overlay is wholly glass. obviously the challenge coins aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate included .
I ’ ve seen quite a few of these display cases that go for a copulate hundred dollars. I ’ megabyte not convinced it ’ s necessary to have an expensive display case when the challenge coins speak for themselves. That ’ sulfur why I picked this $ 40 display case but you can get tons of variations in the related sections .

This could easily be the simplest way to say a lot about yourself. If your cave includes a desk of any kind, why not make a playpen holder out of a cylinder ? If anyone has already tried this with an actual revolving door cylinder let me know. I ’ m not sure if the shape of an actual revolver would suffice but for $ 17 this one seems like it would be suitable for anyone who likes to be reminded of shoot .

Other Good Sites

While I was looking for military man cave products, I came across some sites that have some unique and dedicate products just for the arm services. A lot of them have a solid presence on Amazon which is why I equitable linked to their section within the site. If you want to see more of the products that they have, most of them besides have an original web site under the same name .

This site is great if you want to browse a larger collection of ancient warrior figures. A bunch of them are models of greek gods or celebrated fabulous figures ( Medusa, Celtic goddess, hell theme ). Most of their prices range from $ 30 – $ 70. They flush have cups and some mod figures of soldiers. Their items are just angstrom good as unique items you would find at a street Bazaar in a big city .

If you were looking for a particular armed service branch for stools or public house tables but didn ’ triiodothyronine find one on Amazon, this site will probable have it. They have a bunch together of other sections for themes like “ gamers caves, hunting, sports, etc. ” This was the beginning web site that actually had products geared towards such a broad assortment of themes. You can literally find products related to all themes of man caves here. Be certain to check out their ex post facto collection where you can purchase gumball machines and more !

This is another site that focuses on selling “ ancient warrior ” related contented. This would include things like wall art, shields, mirrors, and armor suit sets. You can buy antique swords, chainmail armor, and shields. Some of their products you can actually wear but I think they would look better on display. They have products for about any price range whether you want authentic looking antiques or need some cheap items for a theme party .


I honestly didn ’ thymine come across a lot on the web that had written articles on military man cave designs. The sites above are a great starting station since they have a distribute of common man cave items just with a military theme. I ’ ve noticed that a draw of themes you see on the web are primarily a DIY attempt. I don ’ t have much experience with projects of that bore which is why I haven ’ thyroxine posted anything related to that. If anyone has come across some interesting DIY projects related to this theme I would be in truth interest to see that .

A final thought on mancave decor

There ’ s a short ton of different themes that can express person ’ mho personality in a room. I think the reason a lot of people don ’ thyroxine create the kind of steller rooms you see on the web is not that it ’ s besides expensive, but because people don ’ thymine actually dedicate a root to their room. obviously, it ’ s not for everyone but it ’ sulfur comfortable to do over time if you know you won ’ metric ton be moving anytime soon. After doing a lot of this research and trying to create an amazing space in my family ’ second house, I ’ ve found that the most expensive products are the kernel of the home theater/game room. The interior decoration region can take concern of itself if you do some inquiry to find unique items .
even one of these items or design ideas would be enough to speak about your interest/service in the armed forces. Again, if you have any questions or comments feel release to reach out at entertainmentden.ns @ and I ’ ll do my best to respond ! If you ’ ra looking for similar content check out another associate article I wrote specifically for outdoors and more general ideas. Thanks for reading !

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