A beautiful and well built watch This vigil was ordered on a notion after a long night of studying in presence of my calculator. I had been looking for a fleeceable dial mechanical watch for some time and after looking about for some time and alone find nice examples in quartz glass, a certain social media app used it ‘s algorithm to find me an ad for the Montage Diver. The specification were impressive : Miyota movement ? Nice ; 300m rate ? Nice ; Screw in crown on a 316L sword event ? Very courteous. Of course, this was a lookout that was distillery showing as in output so I was slightly disbelieving. After doing some inquiry and realising that Montage had delivered previously courteous watches, I was happier in committing to the buy. I pulled the trigger and waited .
A few weeks later I got that sweet electronic mail telling me there was a package waiting for me in my parcel cabinet. The watch was packaged in an excellent manner. The box binding was neat and the corner itself was completely entire. I took the determine out and it was protected in it ‘s plastic wrap ( no scratches – thank you Montage ) and unscrewed the crown and winded it up. One word – beautiful .
The vigil itself is presented in beautiful 316L steel which has a courteous weight on the wrist. The lookout at it ‘s largest does n’t wear boastful on the wrist. It ‘s midst, but not overbear, and the peak defend does a commodity problem of stopping it from digging into your wrist when screwed in. The dial is amazing – particularly in the light up. It shimmers beautifully and has a decent radial pattern to it. The index markers are slightly raised and the hands are delicate. The lume is superb. The watch strap is easy to resize with a minor jewelry maker ‘s screwdriver to unscrew the connect pins and remove a connection.

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The bad ? You ‘re not going to get the flush of finishing you would get from a $ 15,000 watch. But that ‘s not what you ‘re purchasing. alternatively, you get a identical courteous watch which you can wear as a beater if you so choose. If there is one thing I would change with the determine it is that the peak does not screw down so the “ M ” is good. That ‘s barely me being a pedant though .
queerly enough, my favorite thing so far has been the raised caseback insignia. And the the little marker showing the limited edition number. good boastful rights .
happy customer .

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