Tulsa company cleans up on pollution control devices

The energy deficit, which has increased energy company profits throughout the midcontinent, besides has become a blessing for an Oklahoma caller that designs and sells catalytic converters. Miratech Corp. finds its products in high need in California and elsewhere as companies scramble to install their own world power plants or backup power generators. such “ circulate power ” setups often employ diesel or natural natural gas industrial engines – and require catalytic converters to comply with clean-air requirements. “ All of a sudden, the grocery store has a enormous demand for ( befoulment ) decrease, ” said John Vaughey, the company ‘s foreman administrator. “ There are lots of new smaller decentralize exponent plants coming on-line. Cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles and Houston have emissions problems, and there is acid rain in the Northeast. ”

basically, the Tulsa company has two lines of commercial enterprise involving stationary, piston-type industrial burning engines. Miratech, founded in 1992 by the deep Douglas Cox, has a core business in which it designs and assembles catalytic converters, air-fuel proportion controllers and silencers for industrial engines. Among early things, those devices reduce carbon monoxide and carbon paper dioxide emissions from engines used for such things as natural gas gather and transmission. now Miratech has formed a auxiliary called Miratech SCR to handle its burgeoning “ selective catalytic decrease ” catalytic converter commercial enterprise. Miratech SCR is a national distributor for HUG Engineering in Switzerland. HUG makes new-technology SCR catalytic converters said to be highly effective in lowering pollutants and consume gases emitted from diesel or “ lean-burn ” natural-gas industrial engines. Miratech executives say those catalytic converters are being used on Caterpillar, Cummins Diesel and many other makes of industrial engines. Selective catalytic reduction technology uses urea-based engineering to reduce azotic oxides, a major ingredient in smog and urban air contamination, american samoa well as carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons. selective catalytic decrease has become the method of choice for utilities and freelancer power producers to reduce post-combustion azotic oxide to identical low levels. numerous sources call selective catalytic decrease the most advanced technology for this purpose. Among other virtues, selective catalytic reduction technology does n’t require expensive low-sulfur diesel fuel, and it works with respective fuel types, said Bill Clary, a longtime Miratech chief who is president of Miratech selective catalytic reduction.

selective catalytic decrease engineering is a natural for industrial engines used for world power generation in highly populate areas, Clary said. It ‘s besides being researched as an answer to diesel hand truck befoulment, he added. “ We see immediate opportunities to grow our modern auxiliary, with diligence turning to industrial engines equipped with SCR catalytic converter systems ” for exponent genesis, he said. The uncertainties of electricity deregulation have many organizations matter to in on-site power genesis, Clary said. Power quality issues can be a significant as dependability, he added. For sensible equipment like computers, the wrong kind of power can be adenine disruptive as lack of ability. And, he said, as clean-air laws become increasingly more nonindulgent, the necessitate for air pollution devices that can meet them become more intense. “ California is the celebrity case hera, ” Clary said. not only is the state in a major power crunch as rolling blackouts threaten occupation operations, but it besides has some of the toughest air-pollution standards in the United States. The Northeast and Washington state are growing markets for fairly on-site might generation, equally well, as are Dallas, Houston and early smoggy cities, he said. Miratech is involved in power-plant installations in California ‘s Fresno area – including one 25-megawatt and two 50-megawatt plants – and in another office project in Washington, said Kevin O’Sullivan, Miratech ‘s frailty president of operations.

Those projects are expected to be finished within a few months, O’Sullivan said. Miratech sales were $ 1.4 million in 1993, its first gear fully year, Vaughey said. For 2001, he expects sales approaching $ 20 million. In the last two years, Miratech has doubled its staff. It employs more than 20 people and it is looking to hire in areas that include marketing and mastermind. A move from the 15,000-square-foot Tulsa headquarters is besides being pondered. archive ID : 845270

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