The 2 north dakota Annual WEEDCon West, a private, social distanced, outdoor cannabis department of education league and exhibition, will bring together 60 exhibitors and 120 dispensaries to network using LA County Dept. of Public Health and Safety Protocol. Cannabis dispensary accessory services may do outdoor events a long as they wear masks, moisten hands frequently and physical distance 6 feet apart. WEEDCon has gone so far as to establish an diligence leading Event Safety Protocol using UV sanitation wands for all exhibitors and HEPA atmosphere sanitation systems in the restrooms. As sponsor of the WEEDCon West Farmers Market, Mohave Cannabis Co. will display their award winning brands, The Blanco and Mohave Reserve. Mohave Reserve is known for their award winning flower including Online 420 Cup achiever for Best Indica Flower, Cream Pie Kush and 2019 WEEDCon Buyers Cup winner for Best Hybrid Flower, Kush Mints # 10. Mohave Reserve has a reputation for producing some of the finest flower in the cannabis industry and takes pride in growing premium quality cannabis .
Taking the scientific approach, Mohave Cannabis Co. ‘s, The Blanco has created some of the finest cannabis extract in the industry for both amateur and medicative purposes. Complimenting Mohave Reserves award winning flower, The Blanco Slice of NY won Best Extract in the Online 420 Cup and Mohave Diamonds won first gear place for Best Indica Extract at the WEEDCon Buyers Cup. Great for pain relief, The Blanco ‘s Slice of NY won the 420 Cup with a number of judges including social media influencers, dispensary buyers and consumers stating it works best for trouble. From a caller that started in a garage, Mohave Cannabis Co. has grown to a state of the art facility with production capabilities to accommodate the growing cannabis market.

Cannabis Cup competitions like the WEEDCon Cup are a barometer for consumers to select the best and most effective cannabis products. “ Our WEEDCon Cup judges are industry professionals and dispensary buyers and when they select a product as the Best at WEEDCon, well, you can be sure you are getting the best, ” says John Williams, WEEDCon Cup Governor. A fundraiser for inside city young person, WEEDCon West donations will go to support black lives through the Safety Harbor Kids College Scholarship Fund at since 2007.

Brands exhibiting at WEEDCon West include Mohave Reserve, The Blanco, SparqOne, Kushy Punch, Manzanita Naturals, Mother Nature ‘s Remedy, Nabis Distribution, SkunkMasters Dispensary, Riverview Farms, CBD & Herbs, Rove, Green Eyes Farms, Buddy ‘s Chocolate Haus, CDXX Flavors, Fiddlers Greens, High Tide Distro, The Packaging Company, Humboldt Seed Company, Chef Matt, Edibles List Magazine, APOP Media, Safety Harbor Capital, EventHi and On The Nose PR. Visit

contact : WEEDCon Press Room, [ e-mail protected ], 800-613-7025 SOURCE WeedCon Productions

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