What ’ south Moto G USB OTG ?

USB On-The-Go ( USB OTG ) is not a new engineering. It allows a device to perform both master and slave roles in USB connections. Android in full supports USB OTG since Android Honeycomb 3.1 .
normally USB uses a master/slave architecture. A host acts as passkey device for the connection, the other USB device acts as slave .
Devices are designed to assume one function lone. For case, when you connect an externl magnetic disk to the personal computer, personal computer is constantly the host, and external magnetic disk is constantly the slave. When you connect two external drives through USB, nothing happens .
For Moto G, like many other phones, when it is connected to personal computer, it will be acted as slave and mounted as a storage device. You can access the file on the Moto G from your personal computer.

But what happens if you connect a USB thumb drive to Moto G ?
Moto G can mount it as external storage and you can use it just like you use external drive on a PC!
Because Moto G supports USB OTG .
Of course, there are some early requirements to make it work .
We will discuss them late .

How Moto G USB OTG can help Moto G owners ?

so, basically, Moto G USB OTG makes it possible for you to use external USB devices on Moto G .
storehouse is merely an exercise. The abject storage in Moto G normally is the motivation for some owners to find ways to expand the storage .
You can besides hook many other USB accessories, for example, even an USB keyboard or shiner .
In this lead, we will focus on memory because it is the most wanted Moto G USB OTG usage .
besides this guide applies to Moto X and many other Android devices, although Moto G is used .

What do you need to use Moto G USB OTG to expand your memory ?

To use Moto G USB OTG to expand your storage, you need one of them :

  • an USB OTG adapter (less than $10). One end of the USB OTG adapter connects to USB storage, which can be a normal thumb drive or even a portable hard disk. The other end connects to Moto G directly.
  • or, an USB OTG flash drive (price depending on the capacity. It is slightly more expensive than normal USB thumb drives with similar capacity.). Such drives usually have two USB interfaces. One large female interface allows it  to be used as normal USB thumb drive on PCs and laptops.  The male micro USB interface (OTG micro plug) allows you to insert the drive to Moto G directly.

so, if you want to use your existing finger drives or portable magnetic disk, you can invest a few dollars to get a OTG arranger. The adapter can besides be used for other USB devices .
If you are considering to get a modern finger drive, it is time to consider an USB OTG flash drive. It will be slenderly expensive than normal thumb drive with exchangeable capacity. But you can use it on both phones and PCs without any adapters .

How to use Moto G USB OTG storage ?

once you connect the USB OTG dart drive, or a convention flash drive through USB OTG adapter, to Moto G, you can find it in SettingsStorage as shown below .
As shown in the screenshot, the USB OTG storehouse should be shown under USB phonograph record .
In this case, a 64GB storage was successfully mounted and is ready for use on Moto G .
moto_g_usb_otg_moto_x_1_storage moto_g_usb_otg_moto_x_2_usb_storage
once the USB OTG memory is mounted, you can use it just like a SD calling card. You can copy files from or to it .
besides, all media files in the USB OTG repositing will be scanned automatically. therefore, you can access them immediately from most apps .
If you want to play with individual files on the storage, you need a file coach .
In this guide, for example, you want to locate a file and play it .
You can use any file director apps, e.g. ES File explorer .
In ES File explorer app, you need navigate to the rout of the division by tapping the “ / ” as shown below .
now tap storage as shown below .
moto_g_usb_otg_moto_x_3_root_directory moto_g_usb_otg_moto_x_4_storage_folder
In /storage, you can find usbdisk folder. This is the USB OTG storage you mounted .
Tap usbdisk as shown below to browse it .
now, you can find all files and folders in this thumb drive .
You can copy them to inner storehouse. You can besides copy files from inner storage to this folder.

You can besides play the music file on this drive directly without copying it to the call as shown below .
moto_g_usb_otg_moto_x_5_usb moto_g_usb_otg_moto_x_6_usbdisk
moto_g_usb_otg_moto_x_7_play_from_usbdisk moto_g_usb_otg_moto_x_8_unmount

crucial ! ! You must unmount the USB OTG memory before you remove it from Moot G !

After using USB storehouse, you should unmount it before unplug it from Moto G .
To unmount Moto G USB OTG storage, you need go to SettingsStorage .
As shown earlier, you need rap Unmount USB On-The-Go storage .
then, you should get the confirmation page as shown above. :

Unmount USB On-The-Go storehouse ?
If you unmount the USB On-The-Go storage, some apps you are using will stop and may be unavailable until you remount the USB storage .

Tap OK as shown above to unmount the storehouse .
If you unplug the storage without unmounting it, you may damage the thumb drive and lose all data on it.

Can I use USB OTG on Moto E ?

No, Moto E does not support USB OTG .
however, Moto E 2nd Gen ( Moto E 2015 ) supports USB OTG .

Can I use USB OTG on Moto X, including Moto X 2nd gen ?

Yes, Moto X, Moto X 2nd Gen support USB OTG. You can use USB OTG devices precisely as in Moto G .

Does other telephone supports USB OTG ?

All current Nexus devices, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 support USB OTG .
Most Samsung Galaxy phones ( Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 4 … ) besides back USB OTG .
Some LG and HTC phones besides support USB OTG .

Recommendations of USB OTG arranger for Moto G and Moto X

USB OTG arranger normally is not expensive. It should cost you less than $ 10. You can get it from Amazon or local shops .
But you should try to get a quality one. The hapless quality connection may damage your USB port .
1. StarTech 5in Micro USB to USB OTG Host Adapter : $ 4.99
2. aLLreli Micro USB Host OTG Adapter Cable for Moto G : $ 4.99
3. If you need connect more than 1 USB device to Moto G simultaneously, try Inateck Multi-in-1 OTG Adapter Cable : $ 25.99

Recommendations of USB OTG flash drive for Moto G and Moto X

Although Moto G and Moto X only supports USB 2.0, you should get an USB OTG flash drive that supports USB 3.0. This can save you time when you use the tug on PCs or laptops. Most fresh PCs and laptops support USB 3.0 .
The quality of USB OTG flash campaign is identical crucial. Don ’ thymine save money on unknown brands .
cipher wants to lose data !
besides, when choosing USB OTG flaunt drives, do NOT choose the 90 degree design. The two USB interfaces should align with the main body so that you can connect it to Moto G easily even if you are using cases .
1. SanDisk Ultra 64GB USB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive : about $ 25. If you are on budget, you can get 16GB ( around $ 6 ) or 32GB ( around $ 15 ) .
2. Corsair Flash Voyager GO 64GB USB3.0 micro USB OTG Flash Drive for Android devices Similar price as SanDisk. Lower capacity ( 32GB and 16GB ) options are besides available .

Do you have any questions on using Moto G USB OTG? or using USB OTG on other devices?

If you have any questions on using Moto G USB OTG, or Moto X USB OTG, please let us know in the comment box below .

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