My Stepmom has left me extremely disappoint and superintendent confused over the ending .
I do n’t even know where to start …. the artwork was all right, but the characters and storyline equitable felt so off and was n’t properly introduced. From the begin, we ‘re barely introduced to Jinwoo and Hayeon as there was no ‘foundation ‘ as to why all of a sudden there was abruptly an intimate kinship ongoing. In fact, reasonably much every other fresh character introduced is the same. Yoonji felt fabulously out of set for me besides, though it does make sense for Jinwoo on the spur of the moment jumping into the relationship as he merely wanted her for his body, not for liking her as a person he authentically cares for. ( I ‘m merely making an assumption here, given that we ‘re given absolutely ZERO context of the relationship between the two apart from sharing the lapp hobby ).

It ‘s hard to like a report where the characters are n’t given a proper introduction and ca n’t be done therefore when there ‘s sex every 10 pages. I ‘d confidently say that Jinwoo has the merely reasonably DECENT character insight, given that his perception of sexual activity had been altered and manipulated by his dad who neglects showing emotions and through the actions of his dead person mum cheat and through his current stepmom, adenine well as finding it difficult to decide on what it means to ‘like ‘ person ( seen through his kinship with Yoonji ). Oh, and besides how belated on when he meets a new woman, and takes advantage of her equitable like his stepmum did.

I know for many it ‘s just meant to be a agile fap-off, but why ca n’t it be like whilst having a good storyline ? many unnecessary characters introduced such as Sang-Jin and Joong-Pil ( badly, wtf was the artist thinking bringing a character like that … that was merely fucked ) to provide ‘drama ‘ into the series .
overall, it was a bullshit understand. End made no sense when Jinwoo got together with Hayeon again, did n’t he say earlier that he hated her when he realized how she emotionally abused him to take advantage ? The major plat points of the fib were all rushed, given that they probabaly could n’t be covered in 51 chapters entirely + through its lazy prison term skips. Excluding the vigorous sex Jinwoo had, he ‘s probabaly the only one I *kinda* like from this series. Do n’t read this at all. I ca n’t believe I got baited by a bally YouTube ad to waste 3 hours of my life

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