Over the past months I have tested several newspaper themes and I would like to give my two cents about it.

I started a small online publishing company and my first thought was to create this stunning newspaper homepage with beautiful widgets and whatnot so I went ahead and bought my first ever theme from the Envato Market, I want to say that support is decent and I liked the way my page looked but it wasn’t until I began getting traffic that I started noticing some things.

1 Faster themes are better than beautiful ones.

2 Basic themes are better than bloated-with-a-lot-of-plugins-and-widget themes

3 Mobile themes are more important than desktop ones.

I came to discover this from my analytics, after many months I had to switch to a fully amp compatible theme and even though I am running less ads my bounce rate has decreased and my earnings have increased.

My newspaper now looks nothings like the first one, to be honest I even resented at some point having to dich my beautifully crafted one to the barebones one I am using at this point.

But seeing that increase in revenue just made sense.

Now many of you out there might actually need all those extra features/plugins such as paywalls, popups, beautiful fonts, video playing right of the bat and so on.

But if you are like me and you only need to have a working theme and you get your traffic directed mostly to your articles rather than the homepage then a basic, light and fast theme will do the job.

So what was important for me when I decided to buy the theme I am using right now?

-Being able to set my theme to use system fonts instead of external ones.

-Having a fully compatible amp theme, not a amp-ready one, but a fully compatible one.

-Having a light non-amp version of the theme in case I have to dich the amp one in the future to add more features

I was also concerned about my lighthouse ratings so now I am mostly all over the green side of it to boost my SEO and the only one thing I need to “fix” at this point is to use a better hosting to decrease the server response time.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions, I would love to hear your opinion too.

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