Campaign Manager for the Pegasus Ecosystem

Campaign Manager for the Pegasus Ecosystem is Nanometrics ’ herculean new platform for plan, sharing and reviewing your autonomous deployments. The first gear application to be hosted on Nanometrics ’ Halo Cloud Platform, Campaign Manager lets you manage every aspect of your portable deployment from any workstation with network access .

Preplanning your deployment with Campaign Manager adds rush and efficiency to every mistreat of the deployment and greatly streamline on-site station configuration, reducing the likelihood of errors in the field and increasing the consequence certainty of every experiment .

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Apollo: Data acquisition & archiving 

The ability to effectively manage the steady stream of data from field instruments is implicit in to the success of any seismic or environmental network .

Our Apollo suite of data and network management software facilitates the efficient acquisition and action of net data. Apollo Server data acquisition software and Apollo Project archiving software acquires continuous time serial data, state-of-health data, triggers and alerts from a wide rate of distant Nanometrics field digitizers and SeedLink data sources. The software besides archives data, ensuring that all data are included in the archive in the format of choice .

Apollo is the merely archiving solution that automatically tracks data handiness, updating the archive whenever any old or missing data becomes available. Users can specify ongoing continuous, erstwhile, event or trigger-based archive projects and can run numerous archive projects in parallel. Output formats include MiniSEED, SEGY, SAc or ASCII .

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Athena: Event cataloguing and notification 

Athena is a catalogue and presentment system that provides critical information at your fingertips. Athena can be accessed via any world wide web browser. It allows the distribution of near real-time and in full processed earthquake data via a wide range of channels, including electronic mail, SMS, web pages, and Google Earth or Generic Mapping Tools mapping screen displays. From anywhere at any clock, you can access consequence magnitudes and locations, labor motions, waveforms and b-values. Athena supports a large drug user basis and can be branded for your administration. More information…

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Antares: Monitoring network health

The quality of your data depends on optimum operation of your seismic network. Antares network monitor software allows you to oversee the health of all of the assets in your network. This web-based software allows you to track the power, data handiness, time, reaction time, configuration and firmware versions. Data are compared to thresholds and performance grade criteria, which allows Antares to identify authoritative network changes or issues and provide notifications .

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Atlas: Off-line data processing

Atlas extracts, locates and organize digital seismograph data from Earthworm databases, SEED files, Nanometrics DataServer and Nanometrics Stores. Atlas allows you to generate hound data packages ( events ), watch and pick events, edit existing events, produce and apply digital filters and work with fully interactional maps that combine a geographic expose of stations and epicentres with assorted attributes of the event .

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