As you know, Paper napkins are widely used on the animation, More and more tissue paper manufacturers investing in creating wallpaper napkin making production occupation. As a top-brand tissue tissue machine manufacturer, Ean machinery can provide your kinds of paper napkin making machines and complete output wrinkle for sale at competitive market monetary value. The newspaper napkin making machines, besides called napkin make machine can processing the elephantine roll out into the public square or rectangular newspaper napkin, includes color printing, embossing, counting, folding and then on. According to the paper napkin making production march, Ean machinery can supply napkin impression machine, diaper cutting machine and diaper fold machine for your business .

Simple Paper Napkin Machine Test In The Factory

With Embossing

With Color Printing

High quality and easy operate napkin machine at competitive price

Based on our Ean Machinery design and producing capacity, the napkin machine is chiefly used to produce reasonably and disposable tissue paper. According to unlike demand, it is able to produce different semblance newspaper diaper, and the embossing design and print design can be decide by your prerequisite. It is specially apply in printing the patterns, trade name, and etc. And it is made up of stepless travel rapidly regulation engineering, convey system, printing, embossing system, folding system, counting system, cutting system etc. It can be used with pneumatic work parts, pure and assorted colors printing system according to the consumers ’ demand .

Features Of Ean paper napkin machine machine

1. automatic rifle count, entire column, commodious for packing
2. Folding place Positioning dependable, unified shaping size
3. We can make different specification model by your necessity
4. steel to wool curler emboss, the practice is clear up and assorted.
5. color print function is besides available

Featured Paper Napkin Machine For Sale

Automatic Napkin Paper Folding Machine For Sale

simple automatic paper napkin folding machine for sale
Main Technical Data
model : EAN-PN-01
Folding size of the product : 90mm*90mm~230mm*230mm
Unfold size of the intersection : 180mm*180mm~460mm*460mm
Width of bleak paper : 180-500mm
Diameter of raw newspaper : ≤1300mm
Diameter of newspaper core : 75mm
world power : 4Kw~8Kw
Production speed : 0-900pcs/min
Embossing Roller : steel to wool, steel to rubber, sword to sword
Counting Syestem : electronic Counting
Color printing : Within 2 color

Full-automatic Multi-colors Napkin Paper Machine At Low Price

Full-automatic Multi-colors Napkin Paper Machine
Main Technical Data
model : EAN-PN-02
Width of bleak material : as per the size of eat up product.
Max. diameter of raw material : 1200mm
Size of finish up intersection : 300x300mm and folding size 150*150mm
Diameter of core : 76mm
Thickness of sensitive fabric : 2-3 layers, 18-25g/m2.
Shape of folding:1/4 fold ( according to the clients )
Way of printin : Flexo print.
Material of print : water-solubility ink
Drying system : automatic pistol constant temperature
Embossing roller : steel to woolen
travel rapidly : 400-600 sheets/min

Automatic high speed colored tissue paper napkin making machine Double Deck

Automatic high speed colored tissue paper napkin making machine Double Deck
Main Technical Data
model : EAN-PN-03
Production rush : 90-110M/min ( about 800-1000 sheets )
Folding size : 150-250mmx150-250mm
Unfolding size : 300-500mmx300-500mm
might : Main centrifugal 5.5kw, Frequency-converting ( 380V50HZ ), Cutting composition power 2.2KW
Required power : 0.5Mra ( Prepared by your needs )

High Production Napkin Making Machine At Competitive Price (6 lines)

High Production Napkin Making Machine At Competitive Price 6 lines
model : EAN-PN-04
Specification of raw material   
diameter : 1200mm
Width : 990mm
thickness : 13-20g/m2 ( 2 layers ) 23-25g/m2 ( 1 layer )
Inner diameter of effect : 76mm
Specification of finished product
Unfolding size : 330×330±2mm ( LxW )
Folding size : 165×165±2mm ( LxW )

Images Of Ean Paper Napkin Making Machies Details

detail of the steel roller
detail of the folding part
detail of the embossing roller
detail of the embossing design
packing for transport with PE bag
detail of the wooden packing

Images of Ean Napkin Machine Workshop

overview of our paper napkin machine workshop 2 overview of our paper napkin machine workshop 3 overview of our paper napkin machine workshop

Images of Ean Toilet Paper Machine Factory And Customers Visiting

Ugandan customer visiting Ean factory
New Caledonia customers visiting Ean factory
Malaysian customers visiting Ean factory
Nigerian customer visiting Ean factory
Tanzanian customer visiting Ean factory
Kenyan customer visiting Ean factory
Welcome to visit our factory !

Images Of Installation In Costomers’ Factory

toilet paper machine installation in Tanzania
paper napkin machine installation in Tanzania
toilet paper rewinding machine installation in Kenya
core making machine installation in Kenya
To celebrate the successful running of the toilet machine
final toilet paper show in Uganda

Frequent Questions On Ean Paper Napkin Machine

Q1: What’s the paper napkin making productiom payment terms ,trade terms you accept ?
normally we appreciate T/T 30 % down payment, then 70 % symmetry is paid before cargo, we normally offer fob Qingdao price. but we besides accept other room like L/C, wetern union, and do CFR & CIF etc .
Q2: Does the paper napkin making machine easy to operate and what can i do if it doesn’t work?
First, our paper napkin machine is stable and easy to operate by one man, what you do is merely learn some basic thing like loading the elephantine roll newspaper, start the car by button. And we will sent you manual and video, we suggest you to come to visit our factory to learn more thing by yourself, and if there is something goes wrong, you can call us, video-chat, email us. And we will give solutions within 36 hour. Our engineer besides can be distributed to oversea as you required .
Q3: If the napkin paper machine’s spare parts broken ,where can i get ?
We will give you the excess parts which is vulnerable, and some critical parts like gearing box, our timbre is good, in encase it broken within one year, we will sent you for barren .
Q4: How can our paper napkin plant obtain the raw material?
The sensitive materials are chiefly made from wood pulp, cane syrup, deinked lay waste to newspaper.
You can purchase the raw material in your area. If you like, we can purchase bleak corporeal from our collaborate suppliers in China at low cost for you .

Want To Get Napkin Machine Price From Ean Machinery

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