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Pooja P

Newland bakery in Haripad is dependable. But their payippad bakery is not good, they offered customer serve is very regretful. Worst feel .
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go there because of some youtubers hype. In my opinion, the sample was not something worthy of all the ballyhoo. But the amount of items available was crazy ! Hundreds of baked/fried snacks and sweets excessively .
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We feel its a fiddling piece cungested but a well oriented and arrange seat is there and food quality is besides reasonably effective overall a decent experience iodine felt there .
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Very nice plaza. tasty food. The shawarma roll was truly good. The overhaul is besides dear. The place is constantly indeed interfering, thanks to the great food, however they mangae to deliver your ordering fast every individual time .
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Best Bakery in Haripad. Quality food, superb sample no compromise on hygiene.kudos to Team New Land
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They have a good solicitation of munchable snacks and they besides provide varities of burgers upon ordering, I think they besides have a cafe nearby from where they pickup the orders. The bakery is popular which is discernible in the rush seen at this place. They do cake orders and party orders excessively .
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Heard good reviews about this place, hence ordered Chapati for family get together, but unfortunately they were not cooked by rights .
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1000/- cake and no knife for cutting. Have n’t seen such a servicing anywhere. Owner is busy looking at the price of items and counting money. Such a feel for .
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We had ordered a cake for my daughter ‘s birthday from the shop class. The cake was in truth good and the decoration was decent. But entirely drawback is delay in manner of speaking. If you can go to the shop class and pick it up, then there ‘s no problem .
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beneficial set if you are looking for a all in one Bakery. They have centrist price for cakes bite items and which are of actually adept preference. Anyone who is planning to go there should try the kernel puffs and besides the Falooda which is worth a try for the iceream lovers .
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One of the best bakeries in Haripad serving timbre food at very low-cost price. Ghee halwa is a must try here. Snacks served here like punjabi samosa, banana fritter, puffs ( esp their special banana puffs ), etc, are very tasty. There is a modest din sphere where they serve tea, chocolate and snacks, and is well maintained.
Cashew nuts can be bought here at relatively brassy monetary value .
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One of the best bakery in Haripad. Enjoyed having special carrot date patty and butter cakes .
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Everyone darling located at the center of town. If you manage to park your fomite some where this one of the best bakery in Haripad. Ghee Halwa is awesome- run low for it .
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Superb food and cordial reception and taking care of each customer from the staffs working
Honestly super food items
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Best place in haripad to get newly baked items. besides the best shakes and juices of all time .
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Best Bakery in Haripad. Customer Friendly. Owner Mr. Reji knows how to handle customer in polite & friendly manner. good Products, timely Delivery
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excellent bakery. tasty snacks are available here. Decorative cakes will be prepared if we place an order at right clock time. Workers are arrant and dedicated to their job. Variety foods are available here. They are so tasty. I normally visits here. This bakery has its branch at payippad. recently they started a new shop class selling cool drinks .
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It is centrally located and easy to get around to all the places one wants to visit and see. We enjoyed our time there very a lot .
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It is one of the best bakery in haripad and payippad. Varities of bakery items are available in their shops. The interior works of their shops in haripad and payipad are very good. The workshop has a good atmosphere. The shop bears many varieties of cakes and snacks. The shop besides offers full customer services .
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