New Theme: Paperpunch

Today we are pleased to introduce Paperpunch, a clean and versatile theme featuring a subtle, textured background and hand-crafted icons.

To go along with a widget-ready sidebar, Paperpunch offers no fewer than four columns at the bottom of the page to display many more widgets.

If you want to customize the look a bit, use the Custom Background option found in your Dashboard under Appearance → Background to change the background color or add your own background image.

To dress up the design even more, you can easily enable gorgeous typography for Paperpunch with two Typekit fonts: Chunk for the site title in the header and Junction for the titles and headings.

Since the correct CSS selectors are already in place for both fonts in the theme stylesheet, you can simply sign up for Typekit, enable Chunk and Junction, refresh, and enjoy! (Learn more about using Typekit with Paperpunch.)

For a working demo of Paperpunch with the optional Typekit typography, visit

Paperpunch was designed by The Theme Foundry and is now available for your blog and, for self-hosted blogs, from the Themes Directory.



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