TXT e-solutions is an external software development and consulting company. Founded in 1989, TXT e-solutions has been listed since July 2000 on Borsa Italiana –London Stock Exchange ( TXT.MI ) STAR segment. [ 1 ] The company has headquarters in Milan with offices in Italy, France, UK, Germany, Switzerland and United States


TXT is an international IT Group, end-to-end supplier of consultancy, software services and solutions, supporting the digital transformation of customers ’ products and core processes. With a proprietorship software portfolio and expertness in vertical domains, TXT operates across unlike markets with a growing footprint in Aerospace, Aviation, Defense, Industrial, Government and Fintech. TXT is headquartered in Milan and has subsidiaries in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and the United States. The holding company TXT e-solutions S.p.A, has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, STAR section ( TXT.MI ), since July 2000 [ 2 ] Another focus of TXT e-solutions is Research & Development. Its Corporate Research team is involved in respective national ( italian ) and international research programs. [ 2 ] [ 3 ]


TXT e-solution was founded in the 1989. During the ’90s, it released software products dedicated to Production Planning & Scheduling and then its beginning Software Suite for ( SCM ) Supply Chain Management. soon after its IPO in 2000, it started international operations and started up subsidiaries in France, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany. In 2002, TXT e-solutions released its beginning solutions for Supply Chain Management specialized by Business Processes : Demand Management and Sales and Operations Planning. The year after, it releases its new Software Products for Product Data Management ( PDM ). TXT Polymedia, ( former auxiliary of TXT e-solutions ), which began in the late ’90s with Multichannel Content Management software, extended its put up to Digital Terrestrial Television. [ 4 ]

In 2004, TXT PERFORM Software products for Demand & Supply Chain Management and Sales & Operation Planning was released angstrom well as a raw Polymedia Mobile Platform. In 2006, Microsoft selected TXT e-solutions for the Industry Builder Initiative to cover Supply Chain Planning needs of consumer-driven industries. The class after, competence areas and pipeline of businesses were grouped into three divisions : TXT PERFORM, TXT POLYMEDIA, TXT NEXT In 2008, there were two authoritative releases for the company : first TXTPERFORM2008 ( the new Supply Chain Planning Suite combining Business Intelligence functionalities with Supply Chain Planning ), and then Media in a Box ( multimedia contentedness management platform ).

TXT e-solutions then launched a raw Software product for Product Lifecycle Management by TXT PERFORM and newfangled solution and overhaul production line for Digital Manufacturing dedicated to Aerospace sector by TXT NEXT. In 2011, TXT e-solutions focused its development scheme on the TXT PERFORM and TXT NEXT divisions. [ 5 ] That year, TXT Polymedia business was sold to Kit Digital Inc. to secure extra financing and to accelerate its external growth. [ 6 ] On 2 October 2017, TXT group finalized the sale of the TXT Retail ( TXT PERFORM ) division to Aptos, Inc. ( once a division of Epicor ). [ 7 ]

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