When using high temperature lead cable, one expression that users should keep in mind is the direction the cables handle temperatures. At high temperatures, copper wires will oxidize and you may not realize or see the damage occurring with naked eyes. To help prevent wrong and prolong the service life of the cables, they are coated with thermal resistance substances. Among the normally secondhand plating materials for high temperature star wires are can, flatware, and nickel. For exemplify, Radix Wire PFA High Temperature Lead Wire 250C 300V and 600V is coated with nickel to reduce corrosion and ensure lastingness .
Tin and silver vs. nickel coating on copper wires
Tin metallic element is the most coarse used coating fabric on high temperature lead wires. Wires coated with canister are referred to as tin conductors or can coat cables. Tin efficaciously reduces the effect of corrosion on the cable because it has high electric resistance to elements that cause oxidation. however, tin only remains effective in reducing oxidation astir to temperatures of about 150 degrees Celsius .
If you are using your gamey temperature star wires in environments that exhibit temperature above 150 degrees Celsius, silver may be used as the coating corporeal for the copper wires. Nonetheless, silver tends to be expensive, and while it is used on the cables, you may have to pay a bit more. It however offers excellent electric resistance to oxidation and that is up to 250 degrees Celsius .
In temperatures surpassing the 250 degrees Celsius mark, nickel become the allow material to use in coating copper wires.

The Benefits of nickel coating on high-temperature copper wires
Nickel plat is widely used in telegram products because it offers odd underground to corrosion. Wires coated with nickel are durable and stable even when used at extremes of temperatures. The 27 % nickel plating on copper makes the copper conductors to perform extremely well and you may use the cables in environments that encounter heat and senior high school temperatures.

The plating thickness of 27 percentage gives temperature protection reaching up to 750 degrees Celsius. The application besides gives superb resistance to corrosion at negative temperature of equally low as subtraction ( – ) 60 degrees Celsius. Nickel besides has high immunity to elements like alkali, reducing chemicals, and salt sprays .
The jumper cable wire cables made of nickel-plated copper are besides easy to weld. They can besides be soldered but using active flux density products. Nickel has a good conduction of 25 percentage of that of copper – meaning that, when it is used as a coating material on the cable, it enhances the conduction. Using nickel to coat copper wires ensures that the cables are used in high temperature and can last for long .
The Radix Wire PFA High Temperature Lead Wire 250C 300V and 600 is a nickel-plated copper run wire that is used in applications such as industrial heat and fudge processes. It has been used in cooking ranges, stoves, ovens, heaters, and invest dryers. This cable is insulated with extrude perfluoroalkoxy copolymer ( PFA ) corporeal that offers thermal stability, flame resistor, and high dissolve lastingness. The chemical and solvent resistance of the cable makes it an ideal choice for use in commercial food service equipment .

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