Gregg E. Johnson, Sr. Global Product Manager, Masterflex Bioprocessing, USA. OEM Masterflex pumps Our first design engineers, R & D and output facilities can develop a flow control solution that integrates perfectly with your equipmentToday’s leading medical device manufacturers often demand more than off-the-shelf flow control, fluid handling and transfer equipment. To meet the technical, performance and regulatory requirements of their new designs, custom solutions are often needed – custom pumps, custom enclosures, custom controls, and more. Rather than rely on merely an OEM pump supplier, manufacturers often need a knowledgeable and experienced solutions provider to partner with them throughout a product’s development cycle.

Integrated solutions

today ’ mho leading medical device manufacturers frequently demand more than off-the-rack run control, fluid handle and transfer equipment. To meet the technical, performance and regulative requirements of their new designs, custom solutions are often needed – custom pumps, custom enclosures, custom controls, and more. Rather than trust on merely an OEM pump supplier, manufacturers much need a intimate and experience solutions provider to partner with them throughout a intersection ’ randomness growth cycle.

Our first design engineers, R & D and output facilities can develop a flow manipulate solution that integrates perfectly with your equipment. Masterflex has decades of experience teaming with checkup device manufacturers throughout stallion product exploitation cycles – much including custom technology, prototype and concept development. We besides continuously measure and review materials, manufacturing methods and techniques, in rate to best satisfy our customers ’ technical and commercial needs. Our high performance, highly innovative peristaltic pumping systems are key components in the products of a significant number of medical equipment OEMs worldwide — each providing the speciate fluid handling solution to best match our customers ’ accurate specifications. As a seasoned solutions supplier with ISO 13485 certification, we can efficiently work with you throughout a product ’ south development cycle. so when your merchandise is completed, our components are already fully documented for rapid UL list and/or CE blessing.

A problem-solving resource

As today ’ s checkup devices become increasingly sophisticate and building complex, frequently times a more complex and demanding fluent treat regimen is required. here, our OEM peristaltic pump solutions are the answer. We serve as an significant problem-solving resource for our OEM customers – identifying, de-fining and developing the solutions you need, and providing you with a number of feasible, strategic options. Some custom aesculapian device OEM designs demand very high gear manoeuver pressure capabilities or no pulsation, others require limited types of controls or enclosures.Often times, OEMs prefer to outsource extra assemblies to us in addition to our custom pumping solutions.

World-class innovator

We are known global as a leading manufacturer of peristaltic pump engineering ; as the manufacturer of the highly see Masterflex® peristaltic pump line ; and as a first pioneer in the engineering, design, manufacture and distribution of an extensive line of fluid manage and flow master products. For our OEM customers, we bring our stallion plan, mastermind and fabrication expertness to bear to best meet your ever-evolving needs.

Precise, reliable flow control

Every serial of peristaltic pumps we offer is available for OEM consumption, providing flow rates from less than a tear to hundreds of gallons per infinitesimal, and an accuracy rate better than 1 percentage. But whether it ’ s a output pump you need or a custom-designed pump solution, you can be assured of a precise, highly dependable flow see organization for long-run operation, and one that operates seamlessly with your product. That ’ second why hundreds of OEMs have discovered the advantages of specifying Masterflex pumps for their products

Custom Engineered Solutions Team provides customer-specific solutions

here are some examples of custom checkup equipment custom engineered OEM solutions we ’ ve created that provide palpable benefits, optimum efficiencies and performance for our customers : Specturm Our critical understanding of advance checkup equipment fluent cover and flow control dynamics comes from decades of firsthand experiences.

  • When Spectrum Laboratories needed a precision pump system and pressure monitor to market with their filtration and bioprocessing products, our project management and engineering experience ensured the delivery of an in-spec, private label pump system and custom pressure monitor in less than three months
  • Angio Dynamics needed to upgrade the pump system used with its R.F. Ablation device and came to us for answers. We developed a custom medical pump system to fulfill the customer’s exacting requirements and met all necessary certifications
  • Medical technology provider Gambro BCT quickly needed a custom pump head and drive to serve its proprietary blood concentrate technology. The head was customized to accept Gambro’s special-sized tubing and the drive was reconfigured to dispense a precise level of fluid through this tubing at the press of a button. We met the challenge, engineering the solution and providing it to Gambro in less than six months
  • For its home dialysis filtration unit, Aksys Ltd changed out its existing pump with our OEM pump using STA-PURE® tubing. Due to the increase in flow stability resulting from this change, the unit’s flowmeter was no longer necessary, reducing production costs and allowing the unit to reach higher operating pressures than it had with normal peristaltic tubing.
  • Boston Scientific came to us when it needed to find a way to cool the electrotip of its RF catheter in order to prevent blood coagulation on the tip during ablation therapy. Our OEM solutions team quickly developed a medical recirculating cooling pump that fit the need perfectly and met all necessary certifications.

design applications for meeting the following approvals : UL, cul, Medical CE, ISO 13485, ISO 9001:2003

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