In the former Ares 101 post, I wrote about answering Ares ’ call and making inaugural contact with the idol. now that you ’ ve meet Ares, it ’ second time to start leaving some offerings to begin building kharis. I will describe some of the traditional offerings given in the ancient and modern cult, adenine well as some ideas to try out if you are then disposed based on the charge of affair and/or scarcity of the objects .
Level One : The Basics
Like most gods of the ancient world, Greek or differently, cense, wine, and blood are common sacrifices or offerings to Ares. The Orphic hymn to Ares suggest using frankincense, which was a very common perfume in the ancient world. Depending on your situation, you can use pure resin, which is burnt on charcoal, or you can use sticks, cones, or oils. I broadly use the pitchy kind when I do larger, more important rituals as it is easier to time and produces a stronger and more tortuous scent. Otherwise, I use stick inscense as it travels well and is rather versatile. Whatever you choose to use, I suggest buying the nicest quality product you can afford ; it is a endow for a idol, after all, and lower timbre incenses can have frightful scents or contain besides many impurities, which may harm health ( particularly to pets ). equally far as early scents, I have besides had luck with sandalwood, but I would avoid dragon ’ s blood .
Wine is another coarse offer. For Ares, I generally choose potent, benighted reds imported from Greece. A front-runner is the brand Kouros, which hails from Nemea and is known colloquially as the “ blood of Heracles ”. As a matter of taste, I don ’ metric ton mix wine for the gods, particularly Ares. If you are besides young to buy or consume wine, I would substitute water system, as that is the lifeblood of the military. It ’ south one of those commodities essential to fighting ; you can continue fighting without food and ammunition, but even a day without water in battle and you ’ re going to be hurting, badly.

blood sacrifices are bang-up offerings. however, because most people can ’ thyroxine yield a whole animal to sacrifice, or have the proper skills, legal environment, and other resources required to make it work, this sort of offering seems to be off the table for most. It doesn ’ t necessarily have to be, however. I have performed mock rake sacrifices to good effect. Select a cut of kernel that retains both fat and bone, and save any rake bequeath in the box. The best cuts will be kosher/halal, as the methods used to raise and slaughter the animal are identical similar to how the ancients slaughtered animals for forfeit. Trim away the best fatness off the muscle and remove the bone–I find lamb shanks to be the best propose for this type. Keeping the function of offering in your heed, roast the kernel over an open flare, and wrap the bone in the fat, offering this dowry to the god ( as this is their allotment by decree of Zeus ). I normally sprinkle the blood about the fire first as an opening to the ritual. It ’ s not the lifeblood, but serves the same purpose .

level Two : votive and Dedicatory Offerings
votive and dedicatory offerings are by and large objects, frequently some kind of art object, that are given to the deity. The object then becomes the property of the idol, and should not be used for any early purpose without license. The main difference between votive and dedicatory offerings is the drift for giving the endow. votive offerings are given upon giving a vow to the god, or upon completing the stipulations of a vow. Dedicatory offerings are those gifts given just because, a lot like giving flowers to your sweetheart.

Both types of offerings can be either bought or built, but making your own will obviously have more meaning. In my have, the object needn ’ t necessarily be of museum choice, arsenic hanker as the object was your actual best campaign. You can dress up the offer with equally much ritual as you please, but with Ares, I by and large merely place the aim on the shrine with a crisp nod ( the standard guy greeting ) and go about my occupation. These offerings can be as complex or equally simple as you wish .

Level Three : event Offerings
event offerings, though they can be deoxyadenosine monophosphate bare as a libation, are on a floor all their own because they generally arise under specific, frequently infrequent circumstances, be they required* for a holy day, specific act, or in reply to an oracle/UPG. For example, in Sparta, it was customary to sacrifice a puppy to Ares before ritual combat, and the enemy was consecrated in genuine struggle by priests wielding torches so as to avoid the miasma of bloodshed. obviously, these are not everyday circumstances. obviously, if you are a college student, a stay-at-home ma, or a farmer, these offerings will have little to no meaning for you. They require people to be mindful of their own circumstances and their surroundings. They besides broadly call for more survey and dedication than basic worship. For nowadays, unless you are called to or find yourself in such circumstance, you needn ’ thyroxine worry about such offerings just yet. Rest assured, however, that I will cover these at a late date.

* I use the parole required because as a cosmopolitan rule, when you reach the indicate of these offerings, Ares considers thing less optional, at least in my experience .
Leaving an offer to any god, Ares included, doesn ’ t need to be a reason for try. Ares may be the foreboding type, but he is besides sharply aware of the limitations of mortals, and as a courteous father, will most likely make valuation reserve for early stumbles. Sincerity and honesty are key to piety, and if you plan to go beyond dim-witted sass service ( if you don ’ triiodothyronine, still no damage done ), then be fix to be scrutinized army for the liberation of rwanda more thoroughly than anything our cheery friends at the NSA can muster ( hawaii guys ! ) .
hopefully this should be adequate data to keep you going. If you want to go deeper into Ares ’ cult, I suggest staying tuned in. In the next few posts, I will be covering shrine-making tips, symbols for representing Ares, holy place days and more. If you have any topics you wish to see cover, or have any suggestions or comments regarding offer you ’ ve given to Ares, let everyone know in the comments. Until then, hail Ares !

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