Knitting Oil

Knitting is an intricate process through which consecutive loops or stitches are formed to turn yarn into fabrics .

The need for knitting oil(lubricating oil)

The Needle and sinker form an integral part of a circular knit machine ; these frictional partners ( needle and sinkers ) are endlessly exposed to dangerous stresses, which is the reason why a especial lubricate film becomes mandate for the smooth officiate of knitting machines .
This lubrication petroleum film besides helps to prevent rust and minimize wear of machine components .
We at DANA ensure that we manufacture and supply high-quality knit anoint, that complies with all the international timbre and base hit standards and with a bombastic provision establish

Selection of the perfect knitting oil

  1.       The lubricating oil should be able to form a strong thin film to withstand high-speed movement of the needle and sinker to ensure an extended life of two frictional partners.
  2.       The oil should be able to provide consistent performance for a variety of friction coefficients over extended periods.
  3.       It should not form any sort of residue as it could hamper the speed sliding movement.
  4.       The lubricating oil should have good oxidation stability to make certain that the machine suffers minimal wear during machine startup.
  5.       The oil should be chemically inert so that it does not react with a plastic tube or machine paint even if it is in contact for extended time periods.

Knitting Oil formulation

The knit petroleum emulsion generally consists of around 85 to 90 % of Mineral establish lubricate vegetable oil and 8-15 % of an additive .
While the Mineral base oil serves the purpose of forming the major lump of the lubricate petroleum emulsion, the additive components mix to serve a diverseness of purposes and it comprises of emulsifier ( 7 to 10 % ) anti-rust agent ( 0.1 % to 0.4 % ), clash modifiers ( 0.25 to 2.5 % ), antioxidant ( 0.2 to 1.0 % ), alloy deactivators ( 0.05 to 0.1 % ) and around 0.4 to 1.0 % of body of water

Knitting Oil features

1 ) Can be handily used with all types of knitting machines .

  •         Increased flexibility in terms of usability of lubrication oil

2 ) excellent anti-wear and lubrication properties .

  •         A significant reduction in energy losses, translating into an increase in overall efficiency

3 ) Keeps check on needle temperatures during high-speed knit

  •         Increases the life of knitting machine and all the components exposed to continuous wear and tear

4 ) High-temperature allowance ( Up to 200C )

  •         Provides the machine with the ability to work well even at adverse working conditions

5 ) Exceptional attachment properties

  •         Increases the efficiency of the lubricating oil

Applications of knitting oil

As the name lubricate oil suggests, its primary function is to provide the distinguish film that minimizes the stresses between contacting surfaces by reducing the frictional stresses for parts under continuous mechanical liaison .
The knitting oils apply through the brush, spray and even oil can for that matter .
Some of the typical applications include-

  1.       Used with all the types of the knitting machine, right from full fashion machines that use nylon yarn to circular knit machines that work with light (less dense) oils
  2.       All the high-speed textile production machinery involves the use of needles, lifters, and sinkers.
  3.       Rapier guides and jacquard components on weaving machines.
  4.       These lubricating oils use with a variety of knitting machines, be it electronically or mechanically controlled.

Knitting oil is a specific name given to the lubricate vegetable oil when it is used in knitting machines. The Lubrication anoint though finds its application in about every machine that involves mechanical contacts .
Attached hereby find the link to the technical data sheet of knitting anoint produced at DANA lubes .
DANA knit vegetable oil

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