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Download Free Onair2: Radio Station WordPress Theme With Non-Stop Music Player v3.9.6

Onair2 WordPress Theme Free Download 3.9.6 – ThemeForest | Onair2 v3.9.6 – Radio Station WordPress Theme With Non-Stop Music Player helps to create your best radio station website! It is 100% compatible with all the major providers as IceCAST | ShoutCAST | Radio.co | Airtime and more! Radio player | Schedule functions and anything else whatever you need to easily create a very super professional radio website in WordPress. OnAir2 WP Theme is a 100% complete set of premium tools for creating professional and great mobile friendly radio station websites in a single WordPress theme. Including very special functions as shows schedule (weekly and monthly) | non stop music player | song charts | banner and sponsor manager | popup player | members | radio shows and much more!

OnAir2 Theme is the fullest WordPress theme to create professional web pages for radio stations, with non-stop music players, radio shows, schedule, podcasts, calendar activities, eCommerce, donations and more.

OnAir2 Bulled – Radio Station WordPress Theme With Non-Stop Music Player will also display song titles and artists of any big supplier, such as ShoutCAST 2, IceCAST, Radio.co, Airtime, Live365 Radionomy and others.

Theme Overview

The fresh, better and cheap delivery technologies, including streaming, podcasting, and, naturally, online radial stations have rapidly changed over the last few years.

That’s what you’re looking for from your radio station – the entire WordPress kit for the construction of commercial radio stations, radio program, radio circuits, networks, publishers, independent radio and internet-based stations.

Radio Player

Build a new, high-quality Internet-based radio station, full of OnAir2 features. With a mobile-friendly Radio Player feature, unlimited channels can be used and a high-quality and low-bandwidth professional sound can be produced through any MP3 stream.

Constructed with state-of-the-art streaming technologies OnAir2 has a funky pop up player to enable continuous playback that is ready with MP3 Sources, SHOUTcast or Icecast. What’s that good?

Songs feed

ShoutCAST 2, Radio.co, Radio.co, Live365 or Radionomy?

Superb! The title of the songs is also seen on this theme! The titles read ALL text feeds can also be shown.

Podcast Series

Today, each radio station needs an offline audio and a technologically sound Podcast in its fan base hands. OnAir2 uses all the latest Podcast technology today, which ensure your audience accessibility everywhere they listen.

OnAir2 is completely compliant with SoundCloud, YouTube and MixCloud. The feature-rich MP3 Player helps you to quickly integrate all these innovations without coding.



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