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A Free Responsive One-page Theme to Build WordPress Site for Small Business



Onetone is a wonderful one page WordPress theme. It is free, but it works like a premium one. As a theme made for business, its one-page homepage provides all your business information within the page. In addition, it offers you the greatest freedom to customize your homepage, e.g., you can customize background video, gallery, and the bottom area in which you can put anything. In the gallery section, the friendly layout allows you to showcase your competitive products easily. Onetone adapts responsive design which makes it works well on all desktops, tablet PCs and mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, etc.


Now we have developed the professional version of this theme, which includes more features like google fonts, shortcode, full-width page template, HTML5 video background, etc.

Key features

  • Completely free theme for small business
  • Built with HTML5+CSS3
  • One-page homepage
  • Fully responsive design
  • Full screen slider
  • YouTube video background
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Fantastic gallery
  • Built-in sidebar
  • Flexibility
  • Translation Ready
  • Custom background color or image
  • Upload your own logo and favicon

Key features only for pro version

  • WooCommerce support
  • Powerful shortcode
  • Google Fonts
  • Opacity header
  • HTML5 video background
  • Parallax scrolling background
  • Revolution Slider
  • LayerSlider
  • CSS3 animation box
  • Full width page template
  • One page template
  • Portfolios
  • Team module
  • Pricing table

One page Homepage

To be simple and stylish, the Onetone adapts one page homepage layout, which enables you to easily display your important information in the homepage. In this one page homepage, you can add background video, your business or company information, your service, gallery, etc. In addition, a custom area is available, in which, you can add anything such as FAQ, feedback from your customers, and more.

Fully Responsive Design

Fully responsive design is aimed to extend your business reach to mobile end. After all, mobile devices are very popular in the time being, a responsive website gets greater business chance. Bearing this in mind, Onetone applies fully responsive design, which can makes your website works perfect on desktop, mobile phones and tablets.

Powerful shortcodes

WooCommerce Support

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin. Onetone pro is now fully compatiable with this plugin, which can help you build a online shop more easily (*Pro version only).

Powerful shortcodes

Powerful Shortcodes

Shortcodes make creating an amazing page and post very easy. With it, you can insert different items to the content, such as slider, gallery, timeline, contact form, column, and more. You get the greatest power to create your pages brilliant and special. Designing your own pages just starts from using shortcode (*Pro version only).

full screen slider

Full Screen Slider

Aside support for background video on the homepage, Onetone theme allows adding full screen slider to the homepage, which means, you get one more option to set up your homepage.

Revolution Slider

Revolution Slider

Onetone Pro offers a powerful built-in Slider Plugin – Revolution Slider. The plugin can form slider shortcode automatically, that can be inserted into Posts, Pages and Portfolios, just like all other shortcodes. $16 value included with the theme (*Pro version only).



LayerSlider is another powerful built-in Slider Plugin. It comes with 13 built-in skins, and has tons of options to entirely customize the appearance and behavior of your sliders at the smallest detail. $17 value included with the theme (*Pro version only).

YouTube Video Background for Any Section

Onetone is one of the few free WordPress themes that can make presenting YouTube videos very easy in your website. You can easily add your background video by simply adding the YouTube video ID to the section option. Moreover, the latest version allows setting background video for any section in the homepage, or rather, you are not limited to adding background video to the section 1, but you can also add background video to any other section in the homepage.

video background

HTML5 Video Background

Onetone Pro also allows you to add html5 video background to any section on the homepage, which is more compatiable on mobile devices(*Pro version only).

CSS3 Animation Box

CSS3 Animation Box

This feature can add different animation effects to your text content and image in your page sections. You can set the animation speed and type (15 types are available), choose to whether or not enable animation effect on images or icons (*Pro version only).

Parallax scrolling Background Image

Parallax Scrolling Background Image Option

This option is added to the section option. By enabling this feature, the background image you added for the section will not scroll at the same speed as that the page scrolls so as to generate a parallax effect with your theme’s background image.

Fantastic Portfolio

Fantastic Portfolio

Portfolio is a good way to showcase your services or products or something else. In Onetone pro, you can publish unlimited portfolios as you wish. And, with the help of shortcode, you are able to insert the portfolios everywhere in your site (*Pro version only).

Font Awesome Icons

Font Awesome Icons is an important feature in WordPress themes. In Onetone, hundreds of icons are available there, you can easily find Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, and more icons. In addition, Font Awesome gives you the power to customize the icons: size, colors, and more are all in your control. To see all the font awesome icons, visit here: Onetone Font Awesome Icons

Various Social Icons

Onetone supports to add various social icons. You are allowed to add your customize SNS icons to the homepage and like to your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr and more pages.

600+ Google Fonts

600+ Google Fonts

There are 600+ Google fonts available in Onetone Pro. You can choose your favorite fonts for your websites (*Pro version only).

Fantastic Gallery

The galley section is designed to help you showcase your products. You can add many product images to the section and direct the visitors to corresponding product pages.

Built-in sidebar

Sidebar is very important in a website. Onetone, although it is a one page theme, like most free themes, it provides a sidebar in blog posts, which means, you can customize the sidebar in your blog posts.

Upload Your Own Logo and Favicon

Onetone allows you to upload your own logo and favicon to your WordPress site. It is very easy to do the job in your dashboard.


The timeline can be connected to your Blog posts of any category, showing a clear track of what you have done in a chronological order. It’s a good method to describe the history of your business as well as the enterprise culture (*Pro version only).

Team Module

It is a easy way to use team shortcode introducing your team. You can add name, avatar, byline, sns to each member of your team. Moreover, you can use this module to recruit and hire talented persons for your business (*Pro version only).

Full Width Page Template

Onetone Pro allows you to create a page of full width instead of the blog layout, you can also create more than one one-page sites under your domain with the one-page template (*Pro version only).


Onetone provides you great freedom to customize your website. You are allowed to change everything you need, for example, the header, the menu, background video and color, logo, fivacon and so on.

Translation Ready

With Menu Slug added, Onetone theme supports non-English menu. You can change the menu to your own language only need add an English version in the Menu Slug.


Features of Onetone

Fully responsive

Use on unlimited domains

One-page homepage

Full screen slider

Font Awesome icon

YouTube video background

Fantastic gallery

Built-in sidebar

Upload your own logo and favicon

Social icons

Custom background for page

Parallax background image option

WooCommerce support



Team module

Pricing table


Google fonts

Header opacity option

Footer content editor

CSS3 animation box

HTML5 Video background

Revolution Slider


Full width page template

One-page template

Custom sidebar

Guaranteed updates and support

Get it!


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