With over 100 different variations Polypropylene Film is one of the most wide used films in the universe. A common application for polypropylene is american samoa oriented polypropylene ( OPP ). This film has excellent moisture proof properties which makes this great for using normal inks which produces a very clear print result. It is today a leading flexible packaging movie second only to moo concentration polyethylene in bulk .

(OPP) Orientated Polypropylene Film

A thermoplastic polymer used in a variety show of applications ranging from packaging, to carpets. The primary application of OPP film is in food packaging due to is good potency, high clarity, adequate barrier properties and relatively depleted cost compared to cellophane. It is in about every function of your daily life. Polypropylene is very resistance to fatigue. So a plastic type hinge can be opened and closed over a 1000 times with no fatigue. Most flip-top packaging has this. The melting process of polypropylene is achieved via extrusion and modeling. The common determine proficiency used is injection mold. early techniques are blow molding and injection elongate blow molding. By having the ability to tailor certain grades with specific molecular properties during fabricate makes for a large count of end-use applications. An model of this would be the use of an antistatic additive to help the polypropylene surface defy dirt and debris .
With so many offerings of Polypropylene film, we can work with you to define your options for your following visualize, all while giving you the choice of having us hold inventory for you. Below are some of our offerings and where they are normally used. Please contact us for barely a quick question or to discuss your new plan – we are listening ! !
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Film Grades for Orientated Polypropylene (OPP) 

  • Standard BOPP Film
  • Polypropylene (PP – Non Orientated)
  • Grade F1 (food grade)
  • Opaque & White
  • Metalized
  • Heat Sealable

Application/Industry Area for Orientated Polypropylene Film


Used for the fabrication of cold-weather base layers, such as long underwear, and long-sleeve shirts. Will besides be used in clothing where moisture needs to be wicked aside from your soundbox due to sweat .


Polypropylene is often used for diapers or sanitary products where it is treated to absorb water preferably than naturally repel water. Polypropylene when configured in a mesh format is used in hernia and pelvic organ prolapsed compensate operations .

Food & Beverage

Sealing of food and food box. Ideal as a barrier film for blocking moisture, oxygen and light .

Decorative Packaging & Label stock Films

Used in promotional material, able to be printed in motley. Custom colors can be produce like a cosmetic shade with a mirror-like finish or metallic luster .

Medical Packaging

printable checkup ID bracelets for hospital, a antimicrobial coat can be applied to label neckcloth for bacteria prevention. Often used in pharmaceutical and surgical packaging where infection dominance is needed.

Other uses of antimicrobial coating:

  • Countertops & Work surfaces
  • Wall coverings
  • IV stands
  • Medical carts
  • Surgical trays
  • Bed trays
  • Medical monitoring equipment

Personal Care

label facestocks can be coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive creating a variety of applications and personal care offerings :

  • Infant Care
  • Hair Care
  • Eye Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Bath & Shower products
  • Over the counter pharmaceuticals

Tamper Evident Labels & Tape

Used for meddle apparent labels, tamper discernible seals, tamper discernible tape and Void labels. Destruct film is used in the car industry on the inside of the drivers door for the pronounce describing the vehicle seduce, model etc. When tried to remove, this film/label becomes contort therefore making it obvious it has been tampered with. diverse patterns can be used such as repeating the word “ invalidate ” or circles so as when removed the model is broken, showing meddling .


GAUGE ( MIL ) .50 – 4

149º – 160ºC
particular GRAVITY, G/CM3 0.905
TEAR STRENGTH, N/MM ( GF/MIL ) 1.5 – 2.3(4-6)

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