• Love this theme

    By taaamara , 2016-11-10 via wordpress.org

    This theme has made me rich, I LOVE it. highly recommended for affiliates.

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  • So glad to have chosen this theme

    By yaneme , 2016-08-04 via wordpress.org

    It is super easy to use (I used it on my first website I have ever made), and I must say my website looks awesome!
    The developer couldn’t be more friendly and helpful and super fast in answering and resolving any issues.
    I am 100% happy with this theme. Plus you can customize it in a million ways.

  • Highly Customizable

    By imadeva , 2016-06-11 via wordpress.org

    This theme is great for code-free customization… Lots of color and layout options make it a breeze to work with. I was banging my head against a wall trying to achieve a specific look and must have previewed 50 themes. Opportune saved the day! With a few tiny tweaks (using the Simple Custom CSS plugin) it finally came together.

    The developer also provides exceptionally fast service on the support forum. Classy! Thanks for providing this great tool.

  • Awesome

    By Dartagnune , 2016-01-25 via wordpress.org

    Awesome developer and wonderful theme. The support is out of this world helpful and FAST! Anyone who chooses to NOT use his themes, needs a brain scan.

  • 95% Responsive

    By wonderwoman0 , 2016-01-18 via wordpress.org

    I love the look. The only thing I miss in the free theme is working with columns to make the pages fully responsive (i’ve done my own hack on the frontpage so it works there). Having the theme fully responsive with columns would have given it 5 stars.

    Buttons, tabs, callout, galleries and image boxes yeah you name it are add-ons I expect to pay for. So They should be in the Pro version. I just want the basics to work.

    I had the menu crash with a loved plugin that I now have to replace so that also contribute to the missing star, as I’ve been working with that plugin for many years without problem and as of now don’t know what to replace it with.

  • Easy to use and looks great!

    By Tovias , 2016-01-04 via wordpress.org

    I’ve been looking for a simple to configure but professional looking theme for my Author website and this theme is the one. It is simple to configure and makes a very professional looking website. There are several themes out there that attempt to make outputs like this one but this is the champion theme.

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