Using WordPress without a theme is like having a car with no engine. It may look nice but doesn’t do much… Actually no, its like having the shell of a car. It doesn’t even look nice let alone how little it can do. You usually get 3 free theme options once you set up your WordPress account. You can obtain more themes online afterward. Certain themes are free, some cost money. In all honesty, if your website is a site where you want to be able to do more that simply post content then you may want to look into a paid WordPress theme.

I have to be honest and tell you the theme I use. but first, I need to tell you how I use it. Let’s remove ourselves from the “what I use” and the “how I use” mentality. I suggest you do the same when choosing a WordPress theme – focus on “WHY” you will use this theme. So, I set about listing my goals before looking at themes.

I needed to be able to:

  • Run online courses
  • Safeguard certain pages from non-subscribers
  • Gather e-mail addresses
  • Blog
  • Accept payments
  • Customize pages easily
  • Utilize proven landing pages that convert
  • Use Google Analytics
  • Get Google Adsense approved
  • Have SEO friendly content
  • Use any plugin that WordPress offers
  • Have more than one website using the same theme
  • Have a fully responsive and mobile ready website.

wordpress theme being selected with a mouse

There’s More To This WordPress Theme

The above list is just a few features that I wanted for an earlier site. The reason why is because I wanted to start a blog and put out good, useful content. Then, from that blog I wanted people to subscribe to my list and become a part of my community. From there I could really help them. They subscribed to my content because thy wanted and needed my solutions and I wanted to provide them! In the long run, I wanted to launch an online course and I also wanted to provide really useful downloads. Both are possible with OptimizePress. In fact, OptimizePress is specifically designed to enable users to own and run membership sites. A membership site is a site that allows people to join (free or paid) and gain access to restricted content like online courses, eBook downloads.

What You Get From This WordPress Theme

Okay – hopefully you will take a look at OptimizePress (or already have) and check out their features in detail. I can really vouch for these guys. I’ve been using OptimizePress as a WordPress theme for many sites now and it’s the theme for me. Its powerful. Really powerful. It integrates seamlessly with a whole host of other software’s.

Marketing Site Creation, Made Easy…

OptimizePress is the new way to create high converting landing pages, sales pages and membership portals

WordPress Theme Features

More WordPress Theme Features

This blog post was written using the OptimizePress Theme. In fact, 100% of this site is made on it. Therefore, when you are downloading something from this site or subscribing to my exclusive e-mail content below, the mechanism used is OptimizePress. As a result, I will create full tutorials in future and show how OptimizePress is set up and configured into a launch ready website.

wordpress theme - optimizepress

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