• Adam Siddiq

    The Optimizer PRO is a really awesome theme. People compliment me about it on my website all the time, and my friends have even switched themes once discovering it. My favorite thing about it beside the sleek features and look is the customer support. The people behind Optimizer really, really care about you having an amazing experience. I’d say they’re amongst the best customer support in the world.

  • Lim Yong Kim

    Optimizer PRO has been a significantly great help for us. Many people who visited my website told me that the website looks great. The design look professional and it enable to give me what I would needed. It is extremely powerful and goes beyond my imagination.

  • Karim Sultan

    If the only aspect that mattered was just the high quality theme, the beautiful CSS layouts, and the quality WP integration, then it would be 5 stars and worth a recommendation. But it’s more than that – the quick customer response, the unparalleled support, and the flowing stream of updates that keep Optimizer PRO at the top of the heap, fresh, and current – if not bleeding edge. In my mind, it’s worth every cent, and if I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

  • Joel Gaines

    We are using Optimizer Pro! Because of this amazing theme, we’ve been able to provide a user experience that really works for our audience. Our mobile bounce rate and time on site was significantly improved overnight. The ease of effort from a development standpoint saved us thousands of dollars upfront and ongoing. Great theme that I will be recommending to everyone!

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