September 27, 2017 — Craig T. Owens In the quiet solitude of our inner lives is where real number growth takes invest. Or said another room : if we won ’ t make time to ordering our private world, our populace universe will be limited in its oscilloscope and potency. Gordon MacDonald unpacks some fantastic principles to help us in his newly updated and expanded reserve Ordering Your Private World. Check out my full book review by clicking here, and then enjoy these quotation from Gordon MacDonald .
“There is a busyness that reflects a plan of activity, a pattern of priorities, and a sense of purposefulness. It is a good and satisfying busyness through which one grows and increases competence. But there is also a busyness (a destructive busyness, actually) that reflects a chaotic way of life—a way of doing in which one is simply responding to the next thing in the day. The next thing! It makes no difference whether it has significance; it’s just the next thing, and one does it because it’s there to do.”
“ A soul—our apparitional space—is empty when one tries to do soul-based things but makes little or no effort to keep that soul filled. ”

“Driven people boast of their drivenness. They have forgotten how to play. Spiritual activity seems a waste of time. They are usually too busy for the pursuit of ordinary relationships in marriage, family, or friendship, or even to carry on a relationship with themselves—not to speak of one with God. Because driven people rarely think they have accomplished enough, they seize every available minute to attend more meetings, to study more material, to initiate more projects. They operate on the precept that a reputation for busyness is a sign of success and personal importance. Thus, they attempt to impress people with the fullness of their schedules.”
“ Our careers, our assets, our natural and religious gifts, our health—are these things owned, or merely managed in the name of the One who gave them ? drive people consider them owned ; called people do not. When drive people lose those things, it is a major crisis. When called people lose them, nothing of means changes. The individual world remains the same, possibly even stronger. ”
“It is worth taking time to ask how Our Lord’s command of time is demonstrated. … The first thing that impresses me is that Jesus clearly understood His mission. … A second insight into Jesus’ personal organization of time is that He understood His own limits. … Jesus included a third important element in His strategy of time budgeting, for He set time aside for the training of the Twelve.”
“ Unmanaged time flows toward my weaknesses. Unmanaged clock time comes under the influence of dominant people in my worldly concern. Unmanaged time surrenders to the demands of all emergencies. Unmanaged prison term gets invested in things that gain populace acclaim. ”
“The unthinking Christ-follower does not realize it, but he is dangerously absorbed into the culture about him. Because his mind is untrained and unfilled, it lacks the ability to produce the hard questions with which the world needs to be challenged. The private world of a Christ-follower will be weak, defenseless, and disorganized if serious attention has not been given to this sector of intellectual growth.”
“ We do not develop our intellects merely for our own personal progress, but we put our thinking office to work for the habit of others. … As my mind grows, it may make possible the growth of others. ”

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