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“ Takashi ! ” Mitskuni Haninozuka who was well known as honey bounced up and down on the couch as his favorite cousin walked into music room three, “ you should see what Tama-Chan made Haru-Chan wear ! She looks soooooooo cute ! ” he sprang from the sofa in a somersault landing on Takashi ‘s broad shoulders.

Takashi Morinozuka ‘s expression stayed firm as he walked across the board not even second base glance at Haruhi Fujioka in a pink bunny costume that matched the gorge rabbit his cousin Mitskuni always carries around. Mitskuni bounced happily on his shoulders basking in Haruhi ‘s prettiness. Takashi merely sat without even a smile or nod in agreement with his cousin ‘s statement.

“ Mori-Senpai ? “, Haruhi ‘s big brown eyes pouted along with her lips, she was always indeed attentive to the server clubhouse members and always knew when one of them was in an off mood, “ Are you okay ? ”, hear capitulum tilted to the english and the ears flopped over. Tamaki Suoh melted along with the Hitachiin twins Hikaru and Kaoru as they basked in her prettiness together.

“ Takashi ? “, Honey slid off Mori ‘s shoulders and stand in front of him as his boastful eyes began to fill with water system, “ are you brainsick at me ? ” the tears flooded over his impudence, “ I will give you some of my patty if you ‘ll be happy ! ! “, this was a courteous offer from Honey who loved nothing more in the world than cute things and sweets.

“ No, Mitskuni ”, Mori uttered in his deep grating voice and stared at the teacups on the tables in the shape of daffodils, this made his mind curiosity.

“ Mori you must cheer up at once ! “, if person could give commands but still sound charismatic and happy it was Tamaki the president of the host clubhouse, “ Our guest will be arriving soon and you have many appointments today ! It is your duty to make those adorable ladies enjoy themselves ! “, Tamaki threw his arms out in dramatic scandal.

“ He is n’t deplorable Boss ”, peeped in the Twins simultaneously as they peered over Mori ‘s shoulder at Tamaki, “ quite to the contrary actually ”, finished Kaoru.

“ I do n’t know he seems pretty upset, ” Observed Haruhi who spoke as if everything were simpleton and fact, watching Mori ‘s jaw tighten with what ever thought was on his thinker.

“ Are you sick Takashi ? “, wimpered Honey, “ You can snuggle with Usa-chan ”, he held up his pink bunny as if it were the holy grail that he was altruistically giving up.

“ Oh no ”, giggled Hikaru. “ HE ‘S IN LOVE ! ! ! “, Shouted the twins happily as they embraced each other with hearts in their eyes for dramatic consequence.

Mori ‘s face turned bolshevik and his eyes grew large in bewilderment. How doctor of osteopathy these two seem to know everything about everyone in the integral school ? Do they read minds ? He grinded his tooth together in an attack to keep his composure and Focused his eyes back on the teacups trying to think of a valid argument but the teacups alone reminded him of the flowing yellow dress the girls in the school were required to wear as a undifferentiated, but there was only one daughter that he was thinking about.

“ Takashi are you going to leave me ? ” pouted Honey at the intend that his best friend was going to give his attention to person he did n’t know.

“ Mori is this true ! ? “, Tamaki beamed and his face began to glow as his hands clasped together, it was apparent in his starry eyes that his mind had already began to wonder and create a picture of the female child that would catch Morinozuka ‘s attention, she had to be particular because out of all the girl ‘s that visit the host club that confessed their love non-stop to him he never once tied smiled or blushed and there he sat loss as a clown nose., “ Who is she ! You must tell us Mori ! “, demanded Tamaki, “ Invite her to the golf club ! ! We all must meet her ! ! ”

“ No. “, Mori grunted angrily his eyes piercing through Tamaki who cursorily cowered behind Kyoya Ootori who barely continued to scribble in his notebook not minding any of the current event to take his attention.
“ Mommy make him tell us ! ! ” Tamaki pleaded with Kyoya who he saw as his second in dominate and since he was the Daddy and the King it was only natural that Kyoya was the mother.

“ It is n’t any of your business ”, Kyoya pushed his glasses up his nozzle with a smile on his face, “ Plus it would be bad for commercial enterprise if Mori ‘s clients knew that he had a love interest that was n’t them. ”

“ Oh Bossssss ”, the twins appeared behind Tamaki, “ We know who it is, she ‘s in his class. “, they reported deviously, “ We do n’t know her name but she sits with him in mathematics class, he does n’t even talk to her they barely sit together and do mathematics problems. ” Hikaru snickered, “ And sometimes she looks up at him and smiles ”, Kaoru began slowly… there was a pause for dramatic effect and then they cryptically exclaimed “ AND HE SMILES BACK ! ”

“ Really Takashi ? “, Honey ‘s eyes lit up at the prettiness, “ You never told me about that ! “, it was the one classify the two of them did n’t share.

“ Hey cut it out ! “, Haruhi interrupted them all furiously, “ just leave Mori-Senpai alone ! It ‘s none of your occupation anyhow ! “, they all walked away with their tales tucked between their legs as Haruhi scolded them.

“ Thanks Fujioka ”, Muttered Mori in overplus as the doors of the host club opened and the guest began to file in.

The following day the rest of the host club gathered outside the door or Mori ‘s mathematics class. Haruhi stood in the back with a filter spirit are her grimace angry that they put her in a female child school uniform and over did her make up to disguise her, Honey stood next to her whirl in a equal dress.

“ Do n’t I look reasonably Haru-Chan ? ” he giggled as Tamaki and the twins hurriedly pushed them against the window of the door.

“ Do you see them ? “, begged Tamaki.

Haruhi scanned the room and it did n’t take her hanker to find Mori ‘s broad shoulders that were taller than the rest of the class but the chair next to him was empty. Mori feeling like he was being watched looked up but Honey had already pulled her down with his quick reflexes from his martial arts expertness.

“ well ? ! “, the twins and Tamaki demanded.

“ There was no one there ! “, she huffed, “ now can I go change and go spinal column to class I was enjoying my lecture ! ! ” She griped shaking her fist at Tamaki and his unintelligent idea. That ‘s when she saw a girlfriend walk up behind them.

“ Excuse me, ” she peeped sweetly with a grave american stress, “ May I cut in front of you and get to the class please ? “, her lightly bronzed hands curled around her strawberry blond french braids that hung on either side of her head. Her boldness were a lush pink fair like her lips, but they grew more cherry as she felt all their eyes on her. Her bangs hang in lean layers shaping her face and bringing attention to her eyes, not that they needed any help because they were beautifully shaped and boastful. Haruhi found herself debating in her fountainhead over what she would call the color because they were a brilliantly grey but had a green shade to them. Before they could say anything she gave them a cheerful smile and slipped her hourglass inning between them and into the classroom where she sat adjacent to Mori who bit his lip as his impudence flushed.

They all watched through the window unable to pull away. They felt bad for him, surely Mori a host would n’t get incoherent around a beautiful girl, he sat with them all day hanker.

“ Poor Takashi….. ”, pouted Honey as if there was a grievous scene in a dramatic soap opera.

“ I taught him better than this ! “, Tamaki said with contemn, “ Where is his elegance where is his charisma ? ! ”

“ Where is his balls ? “, added the twins.

“ Who is she ? “, asked Haruhi, “ I do n’t think I ‘ve seen her ahead. ”

“ Oh that ‘s easy ”, Kyoya ultimately stopped hanging in the back and began to participate as he leaned against the wall coolie. “ That is none other than Amelia Townsend, Her stress gave it away ”, he said matter-of-factly as if she were some creature he was narrating about on the discovery distribution channel. “ She transferred in last Semester, her family is very well to do, they recently moved to the state to begin business over here, which is why her stress is placid thus heavy ”. He scribbled a few things depressed and snapped his script exclude.

“ We must do something it is our duty to Mori ! I ca n’t stand to watch him sit there and suffer following to that beautiful girlfriend they are meant for each other ! “, Tamaki preached to them all tears filling in his eyes before he slipped off into his fantasy earth again.

“ Oh brother ”, Haruhi huffed as she abruptly felt a chill and turned to see Mori staring them all down through the windowpane, “ Oh Mori-Senpai ? ! ” she scratched her head nervously as her cheek flushed searching for an excuse for them being there.

“ Go. ” His eyes pierced them all leaving them temporarily paralyzed until they all began to scramble down the anteroom Honey in tears crying about how Takashi scared him.

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