After respective days of attempts and findings, ultimately, I managed to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on VirtualBox with my Windows OS PC. We are going to use the original OS metier for this facility purpose. That will give the freedom to have the vanilla kernel and possible software updates from the official Apple web site. This method acting is completely for testing and learn purposes. Please buy the original Mac OS and Apple hardware. From interpretation 3.2, the Oracle VirtualBox formally supports Mac OS X as the guest virtual machine on Apple hardware. indeed, technically you can virtualize macOS on Apple devices entirely. But hush, we can do some workarounds to install Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware with unlike bootloaders on Windows computers. Note: This post was primitively published in the class 2010. You may find the older adaptation of products on the screenshots. But still, these methods are applicable for the latest interpretation including Windows 10 and VirtualBox 6 adam. But there will not be many valid reasons to try an older version of Mac OS 10.6 when we have macOS 11.0 big sur now. If you are a developer who wants to test several older versions of macOS, then you can try these methods .


  1. Oracle VirtualBox
  2. Mac OS X 10. 6 Snow Leopard Retail DVD or ISO (You may need to search for ISO on the Internet)
  3. EmpireEFIv1085.iso for Intel Processors (This is the boot loader we will be using to boot Mac OS DVD/ISO, download the correct version here)
  4. Hardware VT Checker (Read more here and make sure Hardware Virtualization is enabled on the host computer BIOS)
  5. Sound driver (Mentioned under sound)

Installation Steps of Mac OS X 10.6 on VirtualBox

1) Create a Mac OS X Virtual Machine with the following configuration ( If you have the latest VB, then select Mac Server interpretation )

Memory – Minimum 1GB
Processor Cores – 1 or more ( Change it to one core if you face any issues. Two cores worked for me )
Enable PAE/NX, VT-x,
Nesting Page – Enabled
Enable IO APIC and Enable Absolute pointing device.
Remove Enable EFI. Built-in EFI stevedore may work with Apple hardware only. Enable 3D Acceleration under the display and set up maximum television memory.
Storage Controller type ICH6 and create a 20 GB Hard phonograph record. 2) Mount empireEFIv1085.iso to CD repel. Make certificate of deposit ROM the first bootable device. Keep your Snow Leopard DVD or ISO file cook. 3) Start the virtual car. When the following screen appears, eject bootloader ISO and cargo Mac initiation DVD or ISO. To do it, right-click on CD driveway and blue-ribbon drive or ISO image. Wait for a while and weigh F5 then ENTER key when DVD loaded. 4) Wait for some time. If you see the initiation filmdom, you are about done. Go through the facility serve. Go to disk utility and create a partition if you can’t see the installation disk. 5) I got the following warn message at the conclusion of the facility. It ’ s not an emergence, precisely restart the Virtual machine. Note – Shutdown or Restart will not happen normally, you have to do it manually from the VirtualBox cabinet. You have to load the empireEFI ISO again to boot the OS from the install hard disk. 6) This time, choice Mac OS hard phonograph record by correct arrow key and press Enter to kick. I ’ megabyte sure after several initial configurations you will land on the Snow Leopard background successfully .

Let’s Fix Some Issues on Snow Leopard Virtual Machine

1) Network worked directly away. NAT and Bridged character worked without any patches. 2) Software Update: Yes, it worked. Since we used the vanilla kernel, this VM can be updated. I managed to update cashbox 10.6.4. 3) USB Support : It worked well. Somehow data transfer is decelerate but accomplishable. It detected my USB unvoiced magnetic disk and blink of an eye drive. 4) The sound in Mac OS X Guest : audio is a short emergence here but worked. I ’ megabyte certain it will not bother you much. Follow these steps to install sound drivers. For me it worked, one slope loudspeaker worked with little distraction. Something is better than nothing. You need to follow this guidebook to install fathom drivers. 5) Screen Resolution and Screen Size: Follow these steps to adjust the filmdom size. Widescreen size didn ’ triiodothyronine bring for some users. 6) Shutdown and Restart: We can ’ t shut down or restart Mac VM in a convention way. You may see the messages ‘CPU halted’ ( for Shutdown ) or ‘MACH Reboot’ ( for resume ), this means nothing will happen after it. We need to ability off or reset the virtual machine from the VirtualBox console. here is the working Snow Leopard on VirtualBox.

7) Update 1

Install Boot Loader permanently and some fixes

To avoid attaching empireEFI ISO every time to boot OS X virtual car, we can install bootloader permanently on Mac hard phonograph record. This method will install the Chameleon bootloader and some other drivers. Go to Empire EFI CD which is already mounted and open the Post Installation folder. Take a snapshot before doing anything at this point. Run myHack Installer Package. choose Customize in Installation Type. Read each box description and select it if you need it for your calculator hardware. I recommend not deselecting anything selected by default option. Press the Install release to continue. After successful facility, remove empireEFI ISO and start the virtual machine, it should boot from the hard disk as shown below. If this doesn ’ triiodothyronine oeuvre, restore the virtual machine to the latest snapshot and install the Chameleon bootloader from a disjoined initiation file in the Post Installation booklet. This might fix the kick loader issue and improve operation. 8) Some fixes for booting issues a) Mac DVD reading error – EBIOS read error: Error 0×0c Block 0×1ed48a Sectors 0 This is due to accessing data from a Mac retail DVD. Convert the DVD with some cloning software to ISO. Most people faced this offspring and that was the solution. b) Booting errors after installation. Try Boot verbose or Boot Ignore Caches options. In the empireEFI bootloader, go to Mac harrow by pressing the correct arrow key. Once it ’ randomness selected, press the down arrow key which will bring more options. Select and urge Enter. c) Change boot loader for old type of processors : Select legacyempire_efi1085.iso, which is inside the lapp booklet.

If this bootloader and method acting didn ’ triiodothyronine work on the Intel processor then try this method acting with a different iboot loader. I hope these methods will be helpful to install the original Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard on Oracle VirtualBox with your Windows 10 or 8.1 calculator. I mentioned a few trouble-shoot steps which may be helpful ampere well .

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