Forgive me for being long winded, I ‘m “ talking ” this through, your shape is more complex than I thought …
Let ‘s use information science address as an exemplar for your Default network site, From your conf file exemplar, it looks like all world wide web traffic for and is going to the locate set up in the Default directory .
You besides have directories ses405, ast598, ast114, ast113, horus, sig2, and ast394 in the Default directory. Which can be accessed with a URL like or But you seem to want to access them using or, respectively .

I am tempted to say you can set this up as unlike virtual hosts via Server ‘s UI. then you do n’t have to do anything else. Keep in mind, however, the access logs for all virtual hosts are combined. lapp with the error logarithm. My server is n’t set up this way, but it looks like one can do it. You will just need to either move the virtual sites ‘ files or point Server to them when you are using the UI .

A little more complicated, is to set them up as redirects in Server ‘s UI. I think they are new in 5.0.3. I do n’t have redirects set up on my server, so I ‘m not sure if the redirect URL is visible. That is, would show up as If it is, and you want to keep it invisible, as in,, then you can use Apache Rewrite to do that in the conf files in the /Library/Server/Web/Config/apache2/ directory. Or a .htaccess file in the root directory of the vane locate, in this case, the directory Default .

This should work :
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond % { HTTP_HOST } ! ^ $

RewriteCond % { HTTP_HOST } ^ ( ses405|ast598|ast114|ast113|horus|sig2|ast394 ) \.asu\.edu [ NC ]
RewriteRule ^/ ? (. * ) / % 1/ $ 1 [ R, L, NE ]

You alone need this in your conf file, or the .htaccess file. You wo n’t need the … declarations in your conf file. Your conf file is loaded within a block in the virtual host conf files generated by Server app inside the /Library/Server/Web/Config/apache2/sites/ directory.

basically, if you are going to add something to the virtual host shape that is n’t covered by Server ‘s render conf file. You will need your own conf file in /Library/Server/Web/Config/apache2/

You will then need a plist file in the webapps directory to tell Server app to include that conf file. As for the plist file. You only need it to tell Server app to include your custom virtual host declarations. You are not running a program/webapp. So you will not need the launchKeys or start/stop declarations. Unless you are running a proxy, you should n’t need the proxy declaration .

Your “ webapp ” should show up in the Advanced Setting part of your web site jell in the Server Ui. With the name set in the displayName declaration in the plist .

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