`` so, Haruhi, what do you think is up with Mori Senpai ? '' Haruhi Fujioka frowned and looked from Hikaru toMoni Sempie .
                           '' What do you mean ? I think he 's acting like himself ... '' Hikaru rolled his eyes and looked at Kaoru. 
                           '' She does n't know anything about Mori Sempie, does she ? '' Kaoru shook his head .
                           '' Nope ... '' With that, Tamaki Senpai came up to her .
                           '' Do n't you know ? Mori Sempie 's more distant than ever. '' She tilted her fountainhead and looked backat Mori Sempie .
                           '' Why 's that ? '' Honey grinned from ear to ear as he bounded forward .
                           '' Takashi 's going to be engaged ! '' She frowned as Mori Sempai looked in their direction as Kyoyo Sempai stepped up .
                           '' His family has arranged for his date with the daughter of the Onikan family. '' Haruhi frowned a little more .
                           '' As in the class who runs the biggest import/export business in the country ? '' He nodded .
                           '' Why yes ... '' suddenly, Tamaki was spinning her about and hugging her .
                           `` I 'M sol GLAD YOU ARE CATCHING ONTO ALL THE IMPORTANT FAMILIES ! YOU 'LL BE a GOOD AS A BLUE BLOOD IN NO TIME ! '' Hikaru and Kaoru rolled their eyes as he put her down .
                           '' For the record, we think it 's rather lame that he got engaged to person he 's never met. I mean, can you imagine how awful it must be ? '' Honey Senpai put his hands on his hips and frowned up at them .
                           '' I 'm certain she 's very courteous, precisely like Takashi ! Just ask Takashi ... '' Mori Senpai frowned as he stood and approached the others .
                           '' I do n't mind who she is vitamin a long as it pleases my family. '' He smiled a little. `` But I agree with Mitsukuni. I 'm sure she 'll be cover girl. '' He pulled out a ash grey betrothal ring from his pocket. `` My don and I chose this for her final night, and I 'm to give it to her in orderliness to authenticate our battle when we meet. '' Haruhi smiled as he handed it to her so she could examine it .
                           '' Mori Senpai, it 's beautiful. I know she 'll love it. '' As she went to hand it back to him, Tamaki came up behind her, spinning her round once again .
                           '' OH, HARUHI, YOU 'RE SO CUTE ! '' In the rabies, she unintentionally dropped the closed chain, and they all panicked and chased it through the door. Before anyone could catch it, it went over the edge of the balcony and down to the stairs below .
                           '' no ! '' They all watched it fall, and Mori Senpai sat back, looking vitamin a emotionless as ever, but anyone could see the deplorable spirit in his eyes. Placing a hand on his shoulder, Haruhi smiled at him .
                           '' We 'll find it, Senpai. Do n't worry ... '' He smiled and stood up .
                           '' You 're right. '' suddenly, they noticed the sound of person coming up the steps. Turning approximately, they saw a female child coming up the stairs. Thinking fast, they rushed binding into the cabaret board and readied themselves to meet the node. As the doorway opened, they all spoke in perfective unison. 
                           '' Welcome to the Host Club ... '' The girl who came in, a girlfriend with big, blue eyes and medium length, black hair's-breadth, stopped and stared at them all. She was about angstrom improbable as Tamaki, and she clutched her hands to her shoulders as she looked around at each of them and spoke .
                           '' I ... I 'm regretful. I thought that ... I ... '' She held out her hand, blushing a little. `` Did person neglect this ? '' In her handwriting, she held Mori Senpai 's employment gang. Each boy looked over at him, taking note of the count on his expression. He looked shock, his eyes wide as he stared at her. last, he seemed to snap out of it and nodded as he approached her .
                           '' Yes ... That is mine. '' She stared up at him in traumatize as she gave it back to him. Kyoyo Senpai straightened his glasses and smirked a little .
                           '' I do n't recognize you from anywhere in the school, my lady ... '' She tilted her head and turned to face him .
                           '' I 'm transferring here from Lobelia ... '' Haruni shuddered a little at the memory of the ladies from Lobelia who tried to transfer her to their school and frowned as she spoke .
                           '' Why are you transferring here ? '' She lowered her gaze .
                           '' My parents recently arranged for my engagement, and I asked to transfer after my friends at Lobelia became upset with the idea of me being engaged to a male. '' Kyoyo Senpai smirked a little more .
                           '' What is your name, my dame ? '' She blushed a little and withdrew herself from the group .
                           '' I 'm Mariska Onikan. '' Everyone gasped as Mori Senpai and Kyoyo Senpai exchanged glances. Nodding at Mori, Kyoyo turned back to Mariska .
                           '' Would the identify of your betrothed be Morinozuka ? '' She frowned and thought for a second before answering .
                           '' Well ... Yes, but how did you know ? '' Mori Senpai 's eyes widened even more as he stared her down. She noticed and stared back, her eyes wide. Without warn, she backed away tied more and started for the door, causing everyone 's yack to drop. `` I 'm blue to have disturbed you gentlemen ... I 'll go nowadays. '' She started towards the door, but Honey Senpai caught her in a flying fishing gear embrace .
                           '' Do n't go ! Stay and have tea and cake with us ! '' Dragging her to the table, he continued jabbering. `` We all want to get to know you better, Mariska ! '' Before anyone could stop him, he had her sat down at a postpone with some tea and cake. `` You 're even nicer than I imagined you would be ! '' She frowned and set down her tea cup .
                           '' What do you mean ? '' He bounced up and down with hilarity .
                           '' You 're engaged to Takashi ! You 'll make him thus happy ! '' Her eyes widened in surprise .
                           '' Who ? '' He pointed at Mori Senpai, who paled as Honey Senpai spoke .
                           '' That 's Takashi, or Mori Senpai, as you seem to know him by ! '' She stared at him in shock, and Mori Senpai lowered his gaze in embarrassment .
                           '' It 's true ... '' She stood and backed away towards the door. last, she spoke. 
                           '' I 'm deplorable, I truly must be going. '' With that, she ran out of the room. Mori Senpai stared after her as everyone turned to face him. then, Hikaru and Kaoru spoke .
                           '' If we did n't know any better, she seemed frightened at the theme of being engaged to you, Mori Senpai. '' Mori Senpai said nothing as he disappeared through the doorway and down the manor hall. 

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