Chika 's POV
                           My brother is wyrd. Why is he the best however ? ? ? HE EATS CAKE ALL THE FREAKIN TIME ! ! ! ! ! I turn the hallway and see it. music Room # 3 .
                           Y/n 's POV
                           I hear the door swing clear. I turn about and see a boy around my senesce with brown hair. I do a closed-eye smile .
                           `` Are you one of my customers ? ? ? '' I ask. He turns towards me and blushes immediately .
                           `` U-um .... '' he stutters. `` Uh, ohio deplorable, no. '' I cock my promontory a little confuse .
                           `` Oh, then why are you here ? ? ? ''
                           `` I 'm here to see Mitsukuni, '' he states .
                           `` Oh ... are you g-, ''
                           `` no ! ! ! ! ! I 'm his brother, '' the boy explains. I nod .
                           Honey 's POV
                           I hear voices then I walk to the door and see Chika .
                           `` CHIKA-CHAN ! ! ! '' I scream. But right away he throws a punch at me that I cursorily dodge. I turn to Y/n who is obviously confused. I turn back to him I out on my serious face .
                           `` ready to fight brother ? '' he asks .
                           I nod. I already know whose going to win this conflict. 
                           TIME SKIP
                           Y/n 's POV
                           After his victory, Honey sat down and started eating coat. By now every horde club member was in the room. I looked over at his brother who was obviously defeated and was about to leave. I cursorily spoke up and said ,
                           `` It 's okay. Losing is just as authoritative acquire. It helps you learn the mistakes ! ! ! '' he smiles at me and nods. But before he leaves, he turns rear to me and asks ,
                           `` Will you go on a date with me ? ? ? ''
                           Every one but Haruhi stopped what they were doing a stared at me with pleading eyes, Honey even stopped eating his cake .
                           `` Y/n-Chan ! ! ! '' Honey yells while running up to me with tears in his eyes. He jumped on my lap and starts to hug me. ( BTW your are sitting down. ) I hug him back. then I turn my attention to the deplorable brother .
                           `` I 'll have to think about it, '' I say giving him a affectionate smile. He returns the smile and nods before leaving. Honey looks up at me, tears inactive in his eyes, and says ,
                           `` A-are you truly going to g-go ? ? ? ''
                           `` well, my job as a host is to make every ridicule happy ! Is n't it ? '' I replied. He nodded then said, `` But if you go, then I wo n't be glad. '' I sighed. I looked binding down at him, trouble filled his eyes. I kissed his brow and said, '' Just because I go does n't mean I like him. '' He nods .
                           `` By the way Y/n ... you missed. '' he says .
                           `` Missed what ? ? ? '' 
                           `` My lips, '' he looked at me then shoved his lips to mine again. He pulled back and smiled. The kiss was abruptly even dessert .
                           `` NO FAIR ! ! ! ! '' screamed the twins while Tamaki was growing mushrooms in the corner. `` WHY DOES HONEY GET A KISS BUT WE DO N'T ? ? ? ? '' I joked and said ,
                           `` Because, he 's cuter than you guys, '' I turned rear to Honey and smiled .

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