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When Kaoru had come back into the room, cipher seemed to notice. Hikaru was still chatting with Haruhi, and the respite of the clubhouse was deeply in conversation about their future big party. Kaoru took a deep breath before he sauntered over to where Tamaki, Kyouya, Honey and Mori sat, hands tucked into his jacket pockets, trying to protrude a cool and calm aura.

“ As far as our budget goes— ” Kyouya hesitated slenderly as Kaoru joined them. He swiftly glanced up at Kaoru and just as promptly returned to his black notebook. “ —we need to be more careful as to the allocations of our funds. That gossip was directed at you, Tamaki. We barely broke tied during the final event. It was only thanks to my near-flawless accountancy skills that we could hold the party at all. ” Kyouya ’ s hesitation was then brief that none of the boys noticed it. Tamaki ’ s talk dropped open in shock.

“ But, Kyou—ya— ! ”

“ All I ’ m saying is to not go overboard. however that is credibly bony air, seeing as how you always—

“ I ’ ve got it ! ” Tamaki yelled, jumped up from the sofa.

“ Wah ! Tama-chan ! ” Honey cried, leaping about a foot off the sofa. “ Don ’ t panic me and Usa-chan like that ! ” Tamaki glanced down at Honey-senpai, who had been sitting adjacent to him. Mori looked over at him, wearing a stoic formulation. Tamaki ’ s face fell slenderly.

“ I ’ meter good-for-nothing, Senpai ! I didn ’ metric ton mean to startle you like that. ” Tamaki threw him his most capture smile. The third year sniffled and wiped at his damp eyes, but seemed to respond positively to Tamaki ’ s apology.

“ I precisely had the most brilliant mind ! ” he continued, pointing dramatically to an invisible spot in front of him. “ We can— ”

“ No ! ” Kyouya cut him off before he could begin. “ I told you before that alive animals are off-limits. ”

“ But I ’ megabyte sure the girls would love a pet menagerie ! We can have goats and sheep and horses and— ”

“ That option is not cost-efficient and it would be far excessively unmanageable to arrange for the animals to be brought here. Besides, it wouldn ’ t truly be ideal for hosting. next idea— ”

“ Kyouya-senpai, ” Kaoru interrupted, pulling his hands out of his pockets and raising them up in front of him, on either side of his face. “ How about a Hanami ? It ’ south popular no topic how many times we do it, and there are ways to add variety show to it. We could have a night party, for model. Hang lights on the trees, blankets and tea on the lawn… ” he trailed off.

“ not a badly idea, Kaoru, ” Kyouya commended him. “ Twinkling lights and twilight soirees have been proven to be preferably popular with the ladies as of belated. Does everyone approve ? ” Kyouya consulted the members. Tamaki was distillery standing, his stance far glum now as he stared at the tile footing, his arm slowly falling to his side.

“ I like it and so does Usa-chan ! ” Honey-senpai tilted his head to one side and smiled as he moved the rabbit ’ sulfur arms up and down.

“ Mm, ” came Mori ’ s taciturn reply.

“ Well, Tamaki, that ’ s four out of seven votes to pass the motion with two of our members not even having voted yet. A cherry blossom viewing party it is. ” Kaoru noticed that Kyouya looked about delighted to see the Boss ’ face fall even further. well, equally delighted as Kyouya-senpai could look.

“ But, Kyouya, I am the president of the Host Club so I have the final say in all cabaret decisions and I— ”

“ Hikaru, Haruhi ! ” Kyouya called across the room, gesturing with a finger that he wanted them to join the group. Kaoru saw a elusive saying appear on his brother ’ randomness face, one the others wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to catch. It was annoyance, a reluctance to be pulled away from his private conversation with Haruhi. He sighed and stood up, walking side-by-side with Haruhi until they met the other members. Taking Kaoru by surprise, Hikaru took his common place on Kaoru ’ s left side and crossed his arms over his thorax, while Haruhi stood on Kaoru ’ s correct side. She seemed about calm, and her brown eyes sparkled with mild curiosity.

“ What ’ south up, Kyouya-senpai ? ” Hikaru asked. He seemed a little more composed now, but Kaoru knew that he had not wanted to be interrupted. Why was Hikaru acting this room ? Why did Haruhi have to make such a boastful impingement on him ? Hikaru seemed to grow more and more detach to Kaoru as he grew closer to Haruhi.

“ The decisiveness has already been made, but precisely to prove a point, Kaoru brought up the mind of a Hanami being our future big consequence. Your thoughts ? ”

“ Kaoru came up with it ? ” Hikaru asked, moving therefore that he was right behind Kaoru, his arms slung improving and around his buddy ’ second torso, his head resting on his shoulder. “ Sounds good to me. ” Hikaru ’ s hint tickled Kaoru ’ s auricle. Kaoru gulped and inhaled sharply. They hadn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate been this close up in days. It felt…right. It felt the ways things used to be, the way they should ’ ve been now. He willed himself to relax, hoping Hikaru didn ’ thymine poster how tense he was.

“ I don ’ thymine see a problem with it, ” Haruhi ’ s casual answer came. At that, Tamaki wholly fell aside. He wobbled up to Haruhi, his eyes bad and watery, and he reached out to her.
“ But, Haruhi, Daddy wanted to give you a special party with a menagerie and— ”

“ Senpai, how many times do I have to tell you : you ’ re not my dad. ” She looked annoyed as she scooted out of Tamaki ’ s grasp. “ Besides, how can we host when there ’ s a bunch of animals roaming around ? It seems counter-intuitive to me, ” she smiled jeeringly at Kyouya-senpai, who simply smirked into his little black book.

“ But— ” Tamaki gasped, seeming to be losing it completely. The Boss then on the spur of the moment came to a realization then. “ Wait, hang on a second ! What were you doing over there with those fly-by-night twins ! ” he roared, pointing at the table where she and Hikaru had previously been seated.

“ Well actually, ” Haruhi said, “ it was precisely me and Hikaru. now that I think about it, that is quite strange. Where were you, Kaoru ? ” She tilted her head to the side as she inquired. “ It doesn ’ thyroxine sound like you were over here the entire meter. ”

“ Well, ” Kaoru started, trying to promptly think up an excuse. “ I- uh, had to step out for a minute to run some errands. ” He shrugged, giving the group an embarrassed smile. Hopefully that would work.

“ Oh, all right, ” Haruhi didn ’ triiodothyronine sound worried as she shrugged. Hikaru however, gave him a strange look. The formula lasted entirely a second, but Kaoru saw it. Haruhi started wandering toward the music room ’ sulfur exit. “ If it ’ mho o with you guys, I besides have a few things to do. I need to get going. ”

“ But, Haruhi ! ” Tamaki wailed, reaching out toward her.

“ It ’ randomness kind of deep, Senpai, and we ’ ve got an examination tomorrow to study for. Besides, we ’ rhenium not hosting today, so it ’ s not a big deal, ” she spoke patiently. How she was always able and uncoerced to deal with Tamaki-senpai, Kaoru would never be able to understand. She seemed to have and endless tolerance for the Boss and his antics.

“ That ’ s right, ” Hikaru sighed, hands in his coat pockets, slanting his eyes toward the ground. “ It ’ randomness literature, international relations and security network ’ thyroxine it ? ”

“ Ha hour angle ! Yeah, it is ! ” Kaoru giggled as Hikaru scowled at the tile. “ then we ’ d better bring going besides. I need to help you study ! ” Hikaru huff and turned his back on the others.

“ I ’ megabyte not that bad at it ! ”

“ Yeah, you kind of are, ” Kaoru teased. The early boys and Haruhi chuckled quietly as Hikaru stalked off toward the doors. Kaoru laughed and ran to catch up with his brother. The twins paused as they reached the door and called out “ see you ! ” in unison before egressing. Tamaki shook his head and let out a calm laugh.

“ Those twins… ” he mused.

“ Well, ” Haruhi said as she picked up her schoolbag, “ I ’ d better be off then excessively ! ” She smiled at the boys before beginning her walk to freedom.

“ No ! But Haruhi— ! ! ” Tamaki panicked and reached an sleeve out in her management. Haruhi kept on walk, her shoes clacking piano on the shock, sighing to herself.

“ Bye, guy ! ” she said before her exit.

“ Bye adieu, Haru-chan ! ” Honey yelled. Mori grunted.

“ Until tomorrow, ” Kyouya murmured.

“ Haruhi, I forbid it ! You are not leaving ! Daddy says no!!

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