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Big Brother is a Host?!: Kyoya Ottori
Part 1

“ ( Y/n ) chan ? ” a familiar voice questioned. Your ( e/c ) met black and you saw your bad brother, Kyoya Ottori.

“ Kyoya nii san ? ” you questioned ” What are you doing here ( Y/n ) chan ? ” he asked you as he pushed up his dilute, black wire frame glasses. “ W-well, forgot some papers at home, I figured they were crucial and I came to give them to you ” you replied, “ Oh, thank you ( y/n ) chan ” your nii san thanked you. Though you did n’t notice the other people in the room after you saw your nii san.

“ KYOYA NII SAN ? ! ? ! ” a pair of orange haired twins with amberish-brownish eyes and a tall blond haired boy with purple eyes asked traumatize. “ Hm ? ” you questioned as you turned your ( e/c ) to see the shock expressions of three boys.

“ K-Kyoya nii san ?, ” you asked “ Hm ? ” he hummed in response as he was now seated in a fortunate chair with a red cushion and crimson headrest. “ W-who are t-these p-people ? ” you asked him with a stammer as you heard him sigh.

“ Wait so let me get this straight..your Kyoya senpai ‘s small baby ? ” asked the twins in synchronize as they both put an arm around your shoulders. “ U-u-um … y-y-yes ” you replied stuttering again. “ I did n’t even know he had a baby, did you Kaoru ? ” Hikaru asked his twin “ No I did n’t Hikaru ” Kaoru replied to Hikaru. “ sol, tell me about yourself ” they said in synchronize. You felt uncomfortable by these twins, specially since you did n’t know them, and you did n’t very want to tell some strangers about yourself “ Hikaru, Kaoru, I would appreciate it if you got your arms off of my sister ” Kyoya pointedly told them as Hikaru and Kaoru got their arms off of you. “ As for who these people are … well..they are the early members of the host club. ” “ Host Club ? ! ” you mentally asked, shocked.

“ That over there, ” he started as he gestured to the blond with purple eyes who was talking/yelling to the twins “ is the clubhouse ‘s president of the united states, Tamaki Suoh, the prince type. Those twins earlier were Hikaru and Kaoru Hittachiin, the arch type ” he then gestured to a grandiloquent male child with black hair and grey-black eyes that was with a short blond haired boy with fortunate color eyes, who was eating a part of strawberry short patty. “ Those two are Mori Takashi and Mitskuni Hanninozuka, but go by Honey and Mori for light. The silent type and Lolita type ” last he gestured over to a boy with brown haircloth and brown eyes who was talking, well more like scolding the twins “ last, there ‘s Haruhi Fujiouka, the natural type. ”

You nodded in understanding but could n’t help but ask “ So~ what are you then Kyoya nii san ? “, “ I ‘m the cool type ” he replied.
“ … .I can see that, ” you said with a nod “ after all, you are very cool Kyo nii ” you said with a small smirk, which was given a glare in answer.
“ KYO NII ? ! ? ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! ! ! ! ” the twins laughed hysterically “ THAT ‘S PRICELES ! ! ” one said ” I-I CA N’T BREATHE ! ! ” the other shout, but stopped when they felt a deadly purple aura, and looked over to see both you and Kyoya giving them a glower.

You felt a ennoble tap on your shoulder and looked to your left to see Tamaki. He held a crimson rose out to you as he spoke “ Hello my princess, I welcome you to the host club. I never knew that Kyoya had a sister, and such a beautiful one at that ” he complemented as he looked at you. You blushed as he leaned in and took your kuki in one of his hands, gently lifting it up for your ( e/c ) eyes to meet his charming purple gaze. You felt in truth uncomfortable right now and started to slightly shake a bit.

“ Tamaki ! ” you and Tamaki looked over to see Kyoya walking over to the two of you. His eyes held a glare to them as he was now in front of the two of you. He took your sleeve and pulled you so that you were now standing beside him while he kept a hold on your arm. Though you noticed that he let go of your arm and put his handwriting in yours rather. You could n’t help but blush a snatch at the affection your nii san was giving you.

“ What do you think you were doing ? ” Kyoya asked him, as Tamaki was in a submit of shock over what had happened, well chiefly over Kyoya ‘s actions.

“ What do you mean Kyoya ? I was just greeting your sister ” Tamaki told the finance director of the host club, he was confused as to what he did ill-timed.

“ Kyo nii, it ‘s okay. I ‘m fine ” you comforted as he glared at Tamaki a few more seconds before walking away with you, as your hands were still intertwined, and went back to the spotlight he was in earlier. He told you to sit down, which you did, and he started to type away at his black laptop that was out.

~With the other Hosts~

“ Wow, I never saw Kyoya senpai like that ” Haruhi commented as she saw what had happened.

“ Hee hee ! Kyo chan must actually love his baby huh Takashi ? ” Honey chimed in with a smile as he took his fork and ate more cake.

“ Yeah ” agreed Mori in monotone.

“ Pfft, did you see boss ‘s look on his expression when he was getting glared at by Kyoya ? ! that was then amusing ! right Kaoru ? ! ” Hikaru asked his brother as he started to laugh.

“ Yeah, but it was the boss ‘s defect for doing something vitamin a unintelligent as flirting with Kyoya’s younger sister ” Kaoru said as he looked over to Tamaki who was immediately sulking in his depress corner.

*Sniff.Sniff* “ Why did ma have to be therefore intend ? ” Tamaki whined as he poked his fingers together as he sulked.

Haruhi sighed as she walked over to Tamaki, “ senpai, why did you flirt with Kyoya senpai ‘s baby ? you should have known he would n’t have liked that. Though I doubt any of us would have guessed he would have done what he did. ”
“ But I was lone greeting her ” he said, Haruhi could n’t help but shake her promontory at his answer, but then a think came to her “ … .senpai do you even know how to greet person normally ? ” she asked. “ but I did greet her normally ” Tamaki replied “ that was not how you would normally greet person senpai ! ” she reasonably yelled at him.

“ What I mean to say is, … you should talk to her as normal person, not as a horde. ” she told him. Tamaki looked up at Haruhi with big tears in his eyes as he smiled brilliantly and glomped her saying “ Haru~hi~ ! ! Oh my precious daughter is so judicious ! ! ”

Haruhi fair sighed and rolled her eyes at Tamaki ‘s affection and calling her his daughter again. sadly … with Tamaki ‘s affection she failed to notice the twin ‘s mischievous smirks to each early.

~Back to you and Kyo nii~

Silence wafted between the two of you with the exception of the “ water faucet wiretap tap, chink chink chatter ” of Kyo nii typing on his black laptop.

“ U-um Kyo nii ? ” you inquired “ Hm ? ” he once again hummed in reply, not looking up from his laptop. “ I should go now. I ‘m probably already in trouble with my coach ” you said as you got astir to leave “ so I guess I ‘ll see you late alright ? ” but before you left, you walked over to your brother and now digest beside him. You saw him nodding and giving another hum in answer, and did something unexpected … … … … … …

… … .you gave him a immediate kiss on his impudence and hurriedly left the room.

Little did you know that ampere soon as you kissed him, Kyoya freeze in mid type when you did that, and a faint blush diffuse across his cheek with his eyes slenderly across-the-board.

The other host members were shocked adenine well. No, not by the kiss, but rather the state that it left the host club ‘s boisterous finance coach and well known Shadow King in.

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