If you are NOT a yaoi fan or think incest is megascopic or weird then do NOT read this I do n't want any comments lecturing me on how it 's wrong. I ship this yaoi pairing, do n't like it then you can shove it and go somewhere else. Any ill-bred comments will be removed~ Have a courteous day : )
                           On another note, This is my beginning yaoi indeed be dainty ! Pardon all the sexual linguistic process, I had to make it more, how do I put it, Agressive ( ? ) since it 's Hikaru 's POV and Hikaru is the sexiest Seme always !
                           anyhow, carry on. Hope you have a nose bleed o/////o 
                           { { Hikaru 's POV } }
                           I pulled my younger twin closer to me and he blushed .
                           `` Kaoru, do you in truth like that actress more than me ? '' I asked, hurt and flimsy aggravator in my tone. The girls around us swooned and Kaorus blush deepened .
                           `` H-Hikaru, I could never pick person else over you '' My kernel skipped a beat and I smiled, pulling him even closer .
                           lightly pecking his nose I pulled our faces away, our bodies distillery close together. `` I should punish you for even mentioning that actress Kaoru '' I teased .
                           `` No ! not in front of everyone like this~ `` He whined .
                           I chuckled and released him slenderly. `` Fine, It can wait til we get home '' I said, talk through one's hat anger in my voice. The girls were clutching their tea cups so arduous I thought they would break. I looked at the watch on my wrist and saw it was about time for them to leave .
                           `` Ladies, it is nearing closing time '' Kyoya announced. The ladies all sighed and began getting ready to leave. Haruhi began walking around the room with a tea haul and collected the tea cup .
                           `` Come on Kaoru, a punishment awaits you at home '' I taunted. He blushed and slowly stood up. `` See ya Tono '' We say in unison as we walk past him and out the door .
                           once the limousine door closes behind my counterpart, I pull him into my lap and attack his neck. 
                           `` H-Hikaru, you said~ '' I cut him off with my feel to his lips. The bloom on his cheek got deeper. `` I told you, you 're going to be punished. '' I reached devour and slenderly rubbed him through his pants. My touch instantaneously got him hard .
                           I smirked .
                           He groaned when I pulled my hand aside and pushed his body nearer to mine, begging to be touched .
                           His groans of protest and want were major sour ons .
                           `` Do n't be so hasty brother. I ca n't undress you yet, we 're in the cable car '' I stated innocently .
                           He groaned again. I decided to tease him some more and ran my tongue across his earlobe, then trailed it down to his neck. I sucked on his sugared point for a consequence and he moaned, his fingers tugged my hair, a little grumble escaped my lips and surprised us both .
                           I continued sucking and nipping at his medium neck. To tease him even more I rubbed his restrict member once again. I peeked an center open and looked out the window. We were approaching the mansion indeed with another nibble at his ear I pulled bet on .
                           He always got brainsick when we got caught by the chauffeur .
                           I glanced at my younger twin and smiled. He was panting and his eyes were closed. When he went to motion, the door opened. He was still pretty excited so to save him from more embarrassment I picked him up and threw him over my shoulder. 
                           `` Welcome home Master Hitachiin '' The maids greeted when I walked through the door. I nodded in recognition and walked up the step. I could feel Kaoru against my shoulder and it was kinda funny .
                           once we were in our board I closed the door, locking it and set him down. `` Why 'd you carry me ? ! '' He asked sternly, a blush on his expression as usual .
                           I smirked `` Well, would you like all the maids seeing you excite '' I ran a pass down his thorax to his supporter. He moaned again and I pushed him back so he fell onto the giant star bed .
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